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  1. So i noticed this happeneing for a while now. Its mainly on the lower leaves.

    Now i am thinking bugs.... For the love of god i am praying i dont have spider mites but i looked under at least 15 leaves with a micro scope and i dont see anything. No webs... No poop... Nothing but these spots.

    I did find maybe 3/4 of these smaller long green bugs that bounced around like flees but i really did not see many of them.

    This look like some nuterient defiency? I grow orgainc. Compost, top dressing and teas. They are 5/6 weeks into flower

    20170701_110725.jpg 20170701_110746.jpg 20170701_110848.jpg 20170701_110932.jpg 20170701_110957.jpg 20170701_111002.jpg
  2. Maybe thrips if you saw bugs.
  3. Looks like when i misted with the lights on
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  4. Looks kinda goldish shimmer?
  5. Agreed there, I done that my last grow and was getting weird spots. Stopped once I did misting before lights out v. during the grow day

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  6. Yea i did it in veg one day and turned my leaves spotted like that its just water dropplet magnification burn spots
  7. The give away was the burn marks on where the leaves overlapped
  8. Bugs are spots on backside. Overspray burn or cal/mag.

  9. Maybe its time for some gypsum and crab meal.

    I looked up thrips and you are right on the money. 100% that looks like it. I read nematoades help and i have been wanting to get them, going to give that a go. Also looks like i can use some captain jack deadbug.

    I do spray the soil for gnats. And i do spray it with lights on... Gotta be more carful

    Thanks for the inputs
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  10. Doubtful on the cal mag but wouldnt hurt to feed to be sure
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    I don't think it's calmag, I would be worried more about the bugs you seen! How many leaves is it on?

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  12. It's not a deficiency - I believe it's thrips.
  13. Nah it would look like squiggly lines if it was thrips
  14. Shit now im not sure
  15. You might but i would think with damage like that you would see em under leaves.. Still looks like light burn from foliar spray
  16. I think if it was a calcium deficiency there would be a sign of some of the spots getting larger and rusting or yellowing by now. The leaves look far to covered in specks to be calcium deficiency without any other signs of deterioration.

    The white ring like residue will likely be from the misting and the specks are a separate issue.
  17. Yea i was curious about the rings wasnt sure if it was a droplet residue spot or a pest
  18. When i burned mine from misting it looked like the leaves were covered in a fine mist of gold spots
  19. Images of thrip damage.
    marijuana-leaf-closeup-thrip-damage-sm.jpg marijuana-thrips-spots-leaves-damage-closeup-sm.jpg marijuana-thrips-leaf-damage-silvery-spots-sm.jpg
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