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  1. ive got 12 plants that ive been flowering for 3 weeks now. ive got them in 2 gallon pots in soil. also im useing 27 100 wat cool white cfls for there light in my walkin closet. ive watered twice now with monster bloom by growtek and the buds are just forming, but look a little slow going! my main problems are the density of the buds, which im sure is because of the cfls...right? and also the yield....keep in mind that the seeds were outa a bag of good mids and everyone of them ended up female, but the plants all look a little different. i also decided to bend them in the beginning of the 2nd week of flowering.....was that okay or stupid? they where all around 2 ft. tall and not bush. its kind of just a run thru before a clone my 4 ft grand daddy plant out and do i sea of green, but anywho. i need sum input and help if anyone might have any ideas, or answers. thanx. peace
  2. The plants sound a little slow, and I'm sure your timing is off a bit, what makes it seem slow(er) is that you are anxiously waiting for your plants to be ready to harvest one day at a time.
  3. 12 out of 12 female?? check real close im sure there some dudes hangin out in your closet:eek:
  4. your buds will look like nearly nothing for a few weeks yet. That's how it works with any kind of lights. Check out the micro grows forum for plenty of disproof of "light airy CFL buds".

    Also 27x23W CFLs (I'm guessing you mean 100W equivalent CFLs) is 600 watts of lighting. That's quite a bit. I'd switch all your bulbs to 2700K spectrum if they aren't already... but your results should be pretty good. That's a lot of plants though. How big is your growing area? Also keep in mind that you can keep the CFLs about 1" from your plants without worrying about heat problems. The closer your lights are, the more energy your plants will receive.

    and STOP using that grotek. P-K loads are for the last couple weeks, and some recommend watering with them ONCE at the transition. Otherwise you will lock out nitrogen badly and end up with a severe deficiency that may compromise your plants. Do you have a normal bloom nutrient?

    edit: and 12/12 female is normal if you're growing from clones.
  5. my grow space where there flowering is about 3 feet long by 2 ft wide by about 7 ft tall. what flowering nutrient would you recommend? i thought u flush them the last two weeks with plane water or reverse osmosis. there all deffinatly female, and no signs of hermies. ive got the lights as close as i can get them to the girls. also are you talking about the warm white cfls as the 2700k? i think ill be okay just didnt know what is the best for a flowering nut untill i can use the monster bloom or can u recomend me something better? ive got the monster bloom, which is 0 50 30 and also ferti~lome ~ blooming and rooting soluble plant food, which is 9 59 that a flowering nut. that would be better to use now instead of the monster bloom???? thanks and peace my friend.

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