Any help is appreciated, not sure whats happening...

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  1. I took on a 3 month old female that had just started into flowering, but wasn't the focus of the grow. So it ended up looking like a charlie brown christmas tree but cannabis instead. Anyway, I got her to put on a lot of branches and leaves when transplanting to a 2 gal smart pot and using Fox Farms Ocean Forest. But every week or so, she likes to randomly start trashing and frying her leaves. I am not sure what exactly to do because I was originally feeding her according to the schedule, but the way she reacts makes me worry the nutrients are the cause. But even just water for a week or more and she still will do the same thing. I am going to be transplanting to a new 5 gal smart pot with fresh soil, but I worry about her health before I waste the time trying if she cant survive or wont produce. Any advice is extremely appreciated!
    IMG_2183.jpg IMG_2185.jpg IMG_2180.jpg IMG_2181.jpg IMG_2182.jpg IMG_2186.jpg IMG_2184.jpg
  2. Root rot or some root disease, do a search and compare you plant to the search pics.

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  3. Thank you so much, I just finished removing all soil she was in and clearing away any roots that were brown or basically fall off with any slight pressure. Then placed her in fresh Ocean Forest and watered her. The ways I have dealt with root rot in hydroponics before was similar with removing the rotted roots and cleaning everything up, so I hope it helps. If not, chemicals can be the next step.
  4. Good luck, as you know you may have some bacteria that can regrow. Organic and nutrient companies have slurries to help bring roots back but I am at a loss for what they are called. Head over to the organic section and ask there. Those guys love to help.

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  5. Bought some Cannazym to help out once it arrives. Should be here early next week. She's not handling the transplant super well at the moment, so I am thinking it'll be about getting her roots regrown before she bounces back like I'd like. If not, oh well, I'll just start over with another seed. That way I don't have to inherit problems and try to overcome them prior to even flowering.

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