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    So I have 3 clones and a seed that was planted a couple days ago. I noticed on the tips of a plant that they were drying out and curling. I was wondering what im doing wrong? Also a small dead spot or burn spot on one. Pictures are posted.

    edit: deleted pics.
  2. what nutes are you using? it looks like a K deficiency
  3. As of now, I am not using any nutes. I'm still kind of deciding on what to use.
  4. dont have water on the leaves like that under the light - it can cause burn spots. like an ant under a magnifying glass. you need a good vegetation nutrient. look for somthing high in nitrogen, with micro nutrients added in (zinc, mangnese, magnesium, ect.). also, if you are using a peat mixture and going organic, pick up some humic acid so your plant can absorb what you are feeding it.

  5. Thanks for the advice! any advice on a brand of nutrient? botanicare? bloom?
  6. Down to earth, Doctor earth, epsoma, happy frog, whitney farms will give you best bang for buck if you're transplanting into nutrient-rich dirt or coco

  7. alright, i'll give a look into what to get thanks for the advice. im currently using half miracle grow moisture control. and half generic organic soil,
  8. I would get that miracle grow time release nutes out of there ASAP. MO time release nutes are the death knell of the cannabis union.
  9. how would that be done?

    for veg i simply thing the best is Humboldt Nutrient's Verde. It is all organic. i have the bottle in front of me:

    NPK = 16-1-2

    16% urea nitrogen
    1% P205 (phosphate)
    2% K20 (soluble potash)
    1% Magnesium
    .5% iron
    .05% manganese
    2% zinc

    Derived from: urea, Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, Phosphoric Acid, Sulfate of Potash, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide and Magnesium Oxide.

    also contains non-plant food ingredient:
    1% humic acid (derived from Lignite)
    1% Yucca Extract (Yucca schidigera)

    its labled a growth enhancer and was reccomended as a foliar spray. i use this exclusivley to feed my plants. i use this in conjunction with Great White, Hygrozyme, Roots Excelurator, and a very small ammount of molasses. i have lush green leaves. i have also recently gotten clones root bound in a 16oz cup in 7 days, using both aeroponic cloning and rockwool.

    bloom is a bit more complicated, because i use different bat guanos.
  11. it's done carefully, by removing the root ball of your plant from the pot it's in, into a (pre-prepared) 1 gallon pot containing a mix of compost (or better Earth Worm Castings) and perlite (or better pumice) 50/50 compost/perlite. water in with some kelp or superthrive (whatever root stimulator you have lying around) ph 6-7
  12. one way to do it carefully is by holding the stalk between your index and middle finger, with the palm of your hand against the surface of the dirt, and then turn the container upside down and pull the plastic upward, the excess dirt will fall off the sides and you'll be left with the root ball. do this based on the huge assumptions that there are time release nutrients in your dirt, and you are seeing some negative effects from it. If you aren't seeing too many issues with it just leave it alone let it grow out and if you give it a month or two the time release should be all gone. (unless otherwise indicated)

    you can also get the root ball out with a hand shovel, or by setting the container on it's side, or by cutting it apart.
  13. update: so today I checked out my plants and it looks like all the tips of the leaves are dying. they are starting to curl and turn yellowish/brown. would this be because of the Miracle Gro Moisture control soil?
  14. post a pic, it could be a simple K deficiency or the typical purgatory of miracle grow time release nutrients
  15. will do. give me a sec.
  16. attached the pics. if you can also see I noticed a lil browning on the spine of a couple leaves if thats what u call it.

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    if the upper foliage is ok, leave it alone... How long do the time release nutes last? should say onthe bag

    I would just transplant it because I have done it enough times that I wouldn't worry about it. IF you do just make sure your good dirt is ready in the pot so once you pull the plant out and remove the roots that are not the root ball (roots at the bottom of the container will often fall apart, having scissors to cut them and better yet a friend to cut them is ideal) you can transplant it quickly and effectively.
  18. the leaves that curl the most are in the middle/lower part of the plant.

    so transplanting into different types of soil would be whats best?
  19. alright, i transplanted the clones into new fox farm soil. also picked up some Grow-Biotic Grow-Nutrient.. hopefully we get to see a difference in growth and hopefully no more curling leaves!

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