Any guides with this format?

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  1. Im looking for a guide that is written similar to this


    Day x through x

    water every x days

    lighting: x hours on x hours off

  2. You will never find this simple of a guide to growing.

    Each growing environment is different. Therefore, each grow is different.

    You need to focus on what works for your grow. specifically.


    Are your lights as close as possible.

    Is your nutrient mix as optimal as possible.

    etc. etc.

    Good luck.
  3. is it possible to grow without nutes and just a good potting mix?
  4. If you want crap, maybe.
  5. can you give me some names of good fertilizers
  6. Fox Farm

    Advanced Nutrients

    Water when your plant needs it, not according to a schedule or calendar. Water thoroughly when you do, until you get runoff out the bottom drainage holes, then don't water again at all until the soil dries out a bit.

    For veg put your lights on 18/6 or 24/0 schedule (your choice), for flower put them on 12/12 schedule.

    Read the grow guides and sticky threads at the top of this forum, simple beginner questions are pre-answered for you there.
  7. thank you
  8. See More Buds - Grow Marijuana DVD the book growing on a 50 budget is just as you wanted a step by step guide. It takes you through each day. I like BMO ferts seem to have good results
  9. thanks ill be sure to check those out
  10. It is IMO possible to grow successfully without supplemental fertilizers IF the potting mix / soil is rich in organic matter and minerals.

    That being said, most "potting mixes" are little more than peat moss and ground up bark. If the mix contains composted vegetable matter and manures, your plants might experience a minor deficiency, but they should thrive.
  11. Espoma PlantTone or TomatoTone (organic)
    Osmokote (synthetic)
  12. If you know how to search and use torrents.. You can find the SeeMoreBuds video series(Vol 1-3) and his Book in pdf. "Buds for less" (grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100) for free.

    You can also find the Mr. Green "I Grow Chronic" video via google videos.
  13. can i get some organic soil and then for a little extra nutrients chop up a banana peel and place it around the plant?
  14. thanks ill be sure to check it out :)

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