Any guesses what this might be from?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Kdebi, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. This is only on a few leafs out of a couple plants out of many in raised fabric beds.
    No till soil
    Coots mix

    Plants are thriving but this yellowing had shown on a few leafs cant figure out what it is. 20200418_160333.jpg 20200418_160326.jpg 20200418_160319.jpg 20200418_160303.jpg

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  2. Variegation, can be a normal mutation
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  3. How’s your water source?
    IMO, the theory that organic soil gardening means that you don’t need to consider the ph of your soil ( and more importantly, water) does not work for everyone. Different regions will have drastically different soil types and varying degrees of water quality. If you are in the right area, then you’ll likely never encounter many issues, but if you’re like some of us, knowing the pH of both your soil and your water table can make or break a successful run.
    A water test is cheap and can get you going in the right direction from the get go!:thumbsup:

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