Any guesses on which strain this is? [pic]

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  1. Using marijuana to help myself get off of xanax and other pharma drugs, so if anyone has any guesses as to which strain of weed this is I would greatly appreciate it.

    Dealer says it's medical and "called something valley I think", and he's part of the 1% of dealers who actually means it when he says it's medical.

    Pic below, thanks in advance for helping me out.

    Also if this helps, the weed smells fruity and earthy.


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  2. Also I'm new to Grasscity so if I'm posting in the wrong forum please let me know

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  3. Matanuska Thunderfuck
    Matanuska Thunder Fuck refers to any good cannabis coming out of the Matanuska Valley in Alaska since the early 70s. If you research the history of Palmer, you will find that it was/is a government agriculture experimental station. The original families who moved here for this experiment had children in Palmer around the 40's & 50's that were influenced by the hippie movement and the influx of their kind to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley around the beginning of the 70's. With the knowledge those children gained, while working with their parents on their family farms growing up, and from the projects they were involved in at the experimental station as college students, and from a few new found hippy friends from the west coast of the US, they began flower-forcing by blacking out greenhouses during the summer. None made clones. They did remove males, and they knew how to prepare the cannabis for market. So with that, people in Alaska started to see some green bud as opposed to imported bud, and it was all coming out of the valley.
    did you know that..?

  4. Looks like super sticky lemon drizzle rainbow drops OG kush, nah I'm just messing there's no way to really tell from pictures it could be anything bruh
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  5. Yeah I was thinking the same, didn't know if their was a popular type of bud with "valley" in it. After smoking it I think it's some type of hybrid, it's nice IMG_0133.JPG

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  6. Looks good really good... my suggestion is if possible go to online and look at the different strains and compare looks like so many different ones it's going to be hard to say for 100%! But good luck!!

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  7. I wouldn't worry about the exact strain of the weed your smoking. It looks good, it smells good, smoke it and call it whatever you want.

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  8. Might be some San Fernando Valley
  9. If you smoke it the buds themselves might clue you in. I know for myself when I had Mr. Nice I kept literally saying how nice I was feeling during some point in every smoke sesh.

    Unless you ask the growers who got you the buds there is 0% chance of anyone online to be able to identify your cannabis plant with pictures alone. Cheers!

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