Any Grow Masters on Grasscity?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by THCaleb, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Just wondering cuz I'd love to get to know a few professional/master growers. I could always use good advice from experienced growers. I'm working with some unknown Kush strains right now but can probly figure out what strains they are once they get older. Also, here's an update of how my seedlings are doing..... IMAG3343.jpg IMAG3318.jpg IMAG3372.jpg
  2. yes, i like. very nice!

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  3. Thanks man, that pic tho LMFAO. I just smoked some Northern Lights #5 too lol
  4. It might be hard to transplant the ones in the thick plastic cups
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  5. Yeah I figured it would be since I can't squeeze the sides to loosen it up easier
  6. The only one that's solid is the one the oldest one is in
  7. I have a stoner science degree, three master cultivators belts, and am currently undeafeated light depo world champ.
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  8. Cool man I'm gonna follow you. I can definitely use advice about the most efficient LED grow lights. I'm lookin to upgrade to the 300-400w lights cuz I just found out they really don't use too much electricity.
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    I've been in that cup situation before. I took a two liter bottle and cut a sorta wide strip and slid it down between the soil and cup. Just had to hold it almost upside down and tap it out.

    Oh yeah when u re pot them don't put em down so deep. And put soil up further on the trunk. Personally I have the dirt go up to an inch away from the first baby leafs.

    When your looking at LED's make sure you look for the actual wattage instead of the advertised. From my experience an led light that pulls 250w is basically equal to a 400w hps unit. A smidge less lumens but you can get it closer
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  10. Hell yeah thanks for the good advice, bout the re potting and the lights. It's difficult working with CFL's cuz all the adjustments you gotta make every 2-3 days when it really starts growing.
  11. This is fantastic gag I have the same qualifications. I'm working on my 9th degree crop belt. Trying to break my old record

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  12. This is fantastic gag I have the same qualifications. I'm working on my 9th degree crop belt. Trying to break my old record

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  13. Man I'm only on my 2nd grow lol and y first one was a male. I've noticed there are a lot of experienced growers on this site with so many grows under their belts it's crazy. There's a lot of noobs too tho, like me and I know there's those people that think they know all about it but probly ain't even grew one before, or been around people that grow. But good luck on your 9th crop man.
  14. I'm on crop 34. I can't believe that's all. Looking back it feels like an eternity.
    Most important thing is that there is still so much more to learn.

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  15. Thanks man, this is a great forum for growing I've been on them all and this ones my fav by far. I've done about 100 plants but only 9 yields. It get more fun as you learn and have no deficencies hah. This is my current grow only 2 in flower right now and 12 in veg. 4 weeks left.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Those are some beautiful buds you got goin. I can tell you know what's up
  17. Most of the true grow masters on grasscity aren't in this section. One of the things that bugs me about GC is there's so many sections it's overwelming. Indoor growing is sort of a noob question area that many people here never wander into. Many forum users only frequent a few sections.

    Many of the more experienced experts here are in the indoor grow journals section, organic growing, outdoor growing, hydroponic journals and the hydroponic growing sections. GC is so confusing though don't get indoor growing confused with indoor grow journals or anything else.

    Jerry who has a sticky above is one of the old school blades that will frequent this section. He's a good guy to follow and he has some great insight into good soil recipes if you want to go organic.
  18. Cool, thanks for that info cuz I'm bout to make a journal for this grow and now I know where to go. I got a journal for my first one just on a notepad app. I got a file just for things I've tried to see if it would have a positive or negative effect on the plant too. Also a few research files lol, like I'm homeschooling myself on not just growing cannabis, but its origin and all the evolutionary progress it's made since man started cultivating it.
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  19. That's the right approach. Never stop learning. If you're open to new things/ideas and trying different techniques after some practice you'll have some great yields.

    I find many people get too proud with their particular approach to growing and get stuck in a routine with inferior results. I've seen it for decades.
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