Any great stories about meeting random people who also smoke weed?

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  1. It was new years eve and I went to watch some fireworks with a mate. We were already high but at midnight we sparked up some huge joint. Then some guy on holiday from Jamaica comes up to us and asks if its weed. We're like ya and then he's like can I join in. After the joint he says thanks then leaves. Then bout 45 minutes later I run out of weed. Then at that moment the guy comes back with a couple of his mates, holds up a huge bag of weed and asks me if I want to smoke with them. I say yes and smoke with them for the rest of the night.

    Any one else have great stories?
  2. met two people at a hookah bar

    we all got high as fuck. we were just laughing at every ridiculous thing someone said

  3. They let you put weed in the hookah ?
  4. During the first week or so of last semster I had just finished smoking the last bowl of the stash I brought from home. So I'm walking back to my place and these two guys are like, "Yo you wanna hit this?"

    Upon learning it was a L and not a nasty cigar(fuck tobacco can't stand it unless it's spliffs but even then it makes me sad.) I went over and blazed with them. We got talking and one of them asked if I needed any. Well since I'm not dumb enough to buy weed on a dark street from stangers I was like "Come back to my place and I'll check it out."(Was really because I had a digi and I didn't want to get ripped off.)

    So anyways we went back to my place, I bought the sack and we puffed and played 2k for a couple of hours. Been my one and only connect here ever since. :smoking:

    TLDR: Was walking home after smoking the last of my stash, met two dudes, smoked a blunt, went to my place and chilled. Wound up finding a solid connect in the process.
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  6. Went to local skatepark once to see if anyone I knew was about. A bunch of stoners who i'd never met before in my life were hangin under the skate ramp shelterin from the rain and blazin up. they called me over n asked to join them. cant turn down that offer! we ended up in the woods with a bonfire, weed, beers plus an amazing thunderstorm over head. had a brilliant night!!

    doesnt happen too often like this, completely random strangers inviting you to smoke with em
  7. Met a random dude in a headshop. We started talking about legalization and its benefits there. Never saw him again.
  8. One day, I was at the gas station about a mile from my house. This girl walks in and buys 99 cent rolling papers and black and milds. Shes a good looking girl too, nice body, cute face etc. So I'm in front of her in line, and I get my stuff and walk out. When I get outside, it's pouring rain. I walk up to her "Hey, I'm sorry, but I live right down the road, can you please take me home? I don't want to get soaked" She says "No problem, get in" So I jump in her truck, and I'm like "So you're going to smoke some trees?" She blushes and laughs and is like "How did you know?" I'm just like "I just did" so anyways we go back to my house, and she invites me to come back to her house. I had nothing else better to do, so hell why not. Turned out she went to a school in the next county over. We get to her house, and her brother and his friend are there. They have probaly the shittiest reggie ive ever seen. It was brown. I had just got a quad of kush and mids so I rolled a kush joint. Her, Her brother, and his friend were baked. It was like they had never had good shit. Me and Emily (thats her name) still talk to this day and we're FWBs haha
  9. This was at Coachella 2009. My bf and I found a phone on the ground and wanted to return it back to the owner. We met up with him later that night and he thanked us with around an 1/8 of sour diesel. After that day we bought weed every week. Definitely made us into daily smokers lol.
  10. Long story short. Met some kid and he offered to smoke me out at his house. Get there and there is some old ass man smoking bud and I just blaze with him. It was odd because I was blazing with these people and I only knew them for like 5 minutes.
  11. I was going on my building staircase to smoke a joint and I walked up on some random black guy rolling one up to, so we had a sesh. I still see him around sometimes
  12. I once had a grill with a random stripper in an underground car park, just before she started work haha

    edit - she also gave me a little nuggy afterwards :D
  13. this just happened today i was smoking a j with my brother then this old asain couple come by our spot they must of been 60-70 and the old asian dude says "thats smells nice ahah." "you guys down to smoke this blunt." busts it out and smoke it before his wife yells at him ahahah coolest experience ever.
  14. At tech college aged 17, whomever they were had a joint and we sorta like homed in on the smell. Before you knew it 10 of us were hanging off one joint.
  15. That's sick. I love smoking with old people. :D

    The first job I ever had was a telemarketing job and we would be in cubicles with 3 other people and the job didn't drunk test so I'd get blazed as fuck before work and on breaks. Well I met this older big black lady named Tracy cause she was in my cubicle and could smell the weed on me so she invited me to get go get coffee with her on break and I get in the car and she already had a blunt rolled up and she had a custom stereo system that bumped too. From that point on for another 8 months or so that was our daily routine until I moved away! I miss her haha.

  16. Promise?
  17. One night, I hit up a connect of mine (last resort type of deal) to see if he could get me some bud, because everyone else was out. He texted back 5 minutes later saying he could, but i'd have to meet him somewhere & walk over to the spot with him. So we meet & he has me follow him a couple streets over until we get to this shabby house. He just kinda ducks in the carport of the house & walks into the back door with no knock, so I follow him. When we get inside, there's this older couple sitting at the kitchen table. Obviously waiting for us to get there. The woman was probably in her mid-late 60's, & kinda reminded me of Roseanne but with a raspy voice. The man was an old black dude that was probably in his early 70's, that was wearing a mechanic outfit & had on a gray toboggan. They invite us in & I soon find out that I have stepped into a trap house (for not just weed, unmentionables as well), once the lady takes my money & comes back with an 8th in a pill bottle. By this time, I was sitting there chilling with my connect while this old couple was tidying up their place for whatever reason, & my connect asked if I was down to smoke. I had pulled out my glass & started packing & the old couple sat down as if this was a normal routine for them. I gave the old man some of my bud & he rolled the most perfect spliff I HAVE EVER set my eyes on, & it hit like a pearl. So we were just sitting there chilling, smoking a couple of bowls & that joint that 'ol dude rolled, when I realized what time it was. So I finished up the sesh & dipped. Haven't seen the old couple since.
  18. Came back from England after two years of no weed (don't feel bad for me, primo hash of every variety every day). Taxi driver smoked me up, very wicked weed, was totally wasted when I got home. I tipped him OK too, but he seemed happy with the outcome either way.

    May have been Harry Chapin.

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