Any Goths Here?

Discussion in 'General' started by MysteryMoogle, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Just curious if there are any other goths on this message board. I'm high and just feel like asking questions... :)
  2. not me- oh good god no.

    goths... mime artists.... goths... mime artists....

    both dress in black, both wear stupid white face paint or at least look very pale and also black lipstick, neither talk much (if at all) and they both really piss me off...

    I want to get a goth stoned- can you imagine one of the miserable bastards with the giggles. the funniest ones think they are witches or vampires- haha fuck heads...

    "i like to dress in black and cut myself because life's not fair" yer well life isn't fair. the one's who are really getting fucked up don't moan because they usually can't. they just fucking deal with shit as best they can.
  3. I guess I'm one of those odd goths then. I don't like to cut myself or complain that life isn't fair. But I do, however, like to wear black clothes and lipstick, dye my hair black, wear cool chokers... But, I am still myself. I'm also sort of a hippie chick too. I guess I'm not totally a goth. :) :(

    Ah fuck. I have no idea what I'm talking about. Thinking....too think...bad...
  4. i was a goth when i was in jr high, but then the hippie in me emerged, and dominated. but i still love goths :D
  5. hippies kick arse...

    how many goths does it take to change a lightbulb... one- it just takes one very pretencious goth to hold the lightbulb while the world revolves around them and screws in the bulb...
  6. hmmm....why such a hostility towards the goths switch?...were you molested by one as a child?

    im just a stoner....and im going to guess that you all would agree, i dont really think i would label myeslf anything other than stoner...although i am frequently, that might have some sort of gothness to it...anyway...........
  7. I've nothing REALLY against goths or anyone for that matter- but I do tend to make fun of all things- most of the time. I reckon that everything has an element of the absurd in it somewhere (ESPECIALLY ME). My opinion is take the piss out of everything but just in the way I have of making my voice sound like I'm not serious and I don't really.... oh shit.... we're in text...
  8. i was a goth. now i'm sort of goth... but with a bit more colour
  9. do goths wear all black for the same reason as wiccans?

    i like to say meow....and then see if people laugh.
  11. I used to wear nothing but black, and be really depressed. But, as soon as I wore some colour, I was happier :D

    The secret to happiness is colour!!!!!
  12. I do love some of the goth clothing. I have paid a small fortune for my leather dresses, garnet chokers, and my velvet cape. But I'm also a hippy too. I have my tie died shirts, bell bottoms, hemp jewelry, and love beads. So I dress depending on my mood. Basically, I guess I'm 50% stoner, 25% goth, and 25% hippy.
  13. i wear black cloths most the time but thats only because icp is my fav band and i almost always have a icp shirt on, every so often (like today) i wear a tie died shirt. I have a lot of goth and punk friends. Most the goths i know smoke weed, well most snort coke and eat pills too.
  14. goths were not realy in when i was in school . i did dress gothic & didnt know it ! i just like black everything , i was a 60,s child so i am also the flavor of hippy as well depending on what mood im in. black is very flatering to the figure. I do have a funny story of the puddle of goths i saw at the bithday bash 2 years ago there were about 15 of them , it was an outdoor concert & still quite hot here in ok, those poor kids were laying in a heap in the sun in the middle of the grounds they apeard to be melting in to a puddle . i got pictures but some asswhole thought they needed my pics more than me & they were stolen , there was record of them being developed & some where between the developing & the drawr at the store some one kiped them , they were award winning pics . im still very sad about it !!!! at the ripe old age of 38 there will always be a little goth in me ! so to all the gothic brothers & sisters rock on!!! good spirits to all of yuns!! patch
  15. I noticed that most of the goths I know do a lot of speed......
    i really hope u respect us sick of the hate!!!
    im a STONER TOO!!!!
    but yeah hey guys im a goth ....
    i work at a tattoo shop in ramsey ,minnesota
    anybody live in mn pm me sometime or reply
    byebye guys!!!
    ohhh and im wiccan too
  17. my ex was wiccan....i wanted to burn i dont.
  18. is it possible for a dog to ba a wiccan?
  19. I'm not wiccan, but I don't believe in god either. God doesn't exist in my opinion. And if he did, he sucks.
    I'm stoned...

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