Any goos in this plant anymore?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by malawicob, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. I undertook the oppertunity to grow Hollands hope that is acctually an outdoor strain indoors. It flourished quite well, though the buds compared smaller to the outside transplanted version, into the ground (not potted) I decided two weeks ago after it was already two weeks into flowering to take her outside to finish in the fall (hoping to increase budd size with natural sunlight exposure.) My timing was not perfect as it was a longer light period outside than 12/12 inside, the buds became smaller and the leaves started gowing vigorously. Should I take her back inside under 12/12? OR should I leave her outside untill such time that the light is shorter?, should be in three weeks from now.
    I also thought of transplanting her outside into the ground. Is there any good in this plant anymore? I really hope so...
  2. if i were you i'd monitor the temp's outside very carefully.....if they're ok then keep them outside if it's safe.....where i am the temps are too cold at the moment......growing outdoor strains indoors will decrease the yield.....i have done it with my grows, but the buds are quite out.....Sid

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