any good sites for bowls

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  1. anyone know any sites like BFG please pm me if you do, i need to replace my bowl for my bong and the headshops around here are a pretty long drive away from here
  2. i know a great one named

  3. yea ive heard about that one
  4. showmeglass is a good place.
  5. Truth, showmeglass always has the sickest El Hefe and Lil' B shit.
  6. Guess what guys, we're gona take a feild trip to the rules!!!!!


  7. I do not see any of this going on?
  8. I'm aware none of it was going on, i was just warning people :p
  9. Good lookin' out! haha im blazed as hell:smoking:
  10. [​IMG]
    shivadas has some funky bowls. 90 bucks for that, but its got 3 bowls.. lol check that site out too

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