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Hardcore Any good Punk bands?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by MrNewbMcMuffin, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Any good Punk bands to listen to? Stoned or not I'm looking for something good. Preferably Hardcore or Horror Punk so nothing like Green Day or Blink-182 (no disrespect to them or their fans).
  2. Horror punk is so rough.

    I can counter offer some Zimbl with his "Wisions" of better times. :smoke:

  3. The misfits, ramones. And this is going to sound really weird and don't ask me how I got into their music look up the band THE CUMSHOTS song I drink alone
  4. *Googles "The Cumshots"
  5. Been a while since I listened to punk but off the top of my head some good ones are off with their heads (hardcore punk), Operation Ivy, Rancid, Reel Big Fish (punk/ska), The Clash, Dead Kennedy’s, Fugazi, Dropkick Murphy’s, the replacements. If you like reel big fish lmk cause there’s a lot of awesome ska punk music that’s similar as well.
  6. I love Ska Punk! My favorite would be The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  7. Word I’m a big fan too. In no particular order you should alsi check out these bands. Streetlight Manifesto (fucking amazing), Catch 22’s keasby nughts album (rest of their stuff is weaker), Reel Big Fish, the toasters, Desmond dekker, Less than Jake, Planet Smashers, The English Beat, Cat empire. Of those I would definitely check out streetlight and Reel Big Fish first. Saw them play a concert together and it was untucking believable. Easily one of the best shows I’ve ever been too.
  8. I'll check those bands out! I love pretty much all types of Punk (well except Nazi Punk or Rock Against Communism). Horror Punk and Ska are my favorites because I've always had a hard on for Halloween and horror themed stuff. And I love the jazzy sound of Ska.
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  9. I love anything that blends punk with ska. A perfect example of this is Time Bomb by Rancid. It is a hardcore punk song with ska instrumentals.
  10. No.
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  11. Are we talking any era of punk ? These are some dope tracks if you haven't heard em / want something old school.

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  12. Any era. Nice job with Bad Brains and Black Flag. Haven't really heard anything by the Exploited but I've been meaning to check them out.
  13. Some of my favorite stuff, I mostly listen to metal but I love some old school punk stuff.

  14. I didn't really listen to punk rock until gta v's channel x. Listen to it stoned it combines good music with hilarious commercials.
    Bands I like are misfits black flag circle jerks bad religion and if you speak German check out die kassierer they've got some good songs about beer beer getting drunk beer and std
  15. I've never played Video Games stoned before. Guess I'm doing that next time I get high
  16. Here are some good HC songs;

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  17. By the way early Green Day is great, it’s not hardcore though...

  18. Oh don't get me wrong I still like Green Day, they are what got me into punk in the first place. I just don't listen to them at much because I've moved away from the more pop punk sound.

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