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Any good Pranks

Discussion in 'General' started by dagreennitelite, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. I want to do a really cool prank for my senior year before i graduate..go to an all girls school if that helps

    any awesome pranks you have heard of or done?
  2. put a goat in the hallway. crickets in the library
  3. go to a pig farm... get three pigs, lather them up with Crisco or some other grease and let them loose in your cafeteria during lunch time
  4. get some BIG containers of vegetable oil. If you know someone who works in fast food you can get some frier oil. Pour that shit all over the hall ways. Makes it slicker than ice in there and is a bitch to clean up. The easiest way to clean it is with a bottle of ammonia and a little soapy water, but you have to constantly clean the shit off the mop.

    or get a goose and set it loose in the halls. When someone corners it, it will squat and crap all over.

    if you have multiple floors, put a cow upstairs. They don't know how to go downstairs. You have to get it on the elevator to bring it down.

  5. sounds to me like somebody has some expeirience in this feild;)
  6. clingfilm over the toilet is always a winner! ;) it doesnt work in some lighting conditions though.. looks too obvious. and on alot of toilets you have to allow for a slight dip so people dont feel it when they sit down.

    if the principle has their own private toilet.... :D heehee.

    put sticky crap on "pull" handles on doors so that there's no way to open it without getting hands covered.

    bricks either side of all the wheels of a teachers car... must be well hiden. most cars will not be able to drive over it.

    cans tied to the underside of a car ... creates a noise as if something is broken.

    psychological warfare... this is the best.... simply make people believe that something is going to happen to them. they will live in fear for the whole day. heehee.
  7. I used to be a holy terror. My parents tried to use AOL's filter to keep me from getting things I wasn't supposed to on the net...well, I was able to get the Anarchist's Cookbook through AOL's toughest filter, 3 different versions of it. teeheehee.

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