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any good mcguyver stories?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tRod, May 14, 2011.

  1. ive been smoking since i was 15, and ive smoked out of alot of shit, apples, bottles, pens, bongs, zongs, gb's, vapes, and plenty of steamrollers. me and my best friend dont really have a lot of money or places to stash a bong or pipe, so along the way, we've come up with so many different ways to smoke, the most recent was our bong made out of a sobe life water bottle, a hollow pen, socket, and top of like a beaker or something for a ghetto slide lol. whats the craziest thing you've come up with on the spot to smoke out of?
  2. Hit knifing with keys : )

  3. You're sacrificing your health for very little. Homemades are ALWAYS burning things other than weed. Plastic/tape/chemicals off the waterbottle, lots of things. Tin foil is very bad for you.
    invest in a pack of papers, or a bong !
    A bong is 30 dollars and can last quite a while.
    Toke on:cool::smoke:
  4. Wow theres people who stash pipes and shanks while in prison. I personaly have never been able to not stash a pipe, esp something like a toke stone. I have put them on top of door molding, picture frams inside light fixtures (not the globe it will show,lol) under the edge of carpet at the wall/corner shit the list goes on. Now that i got my medical card im thinkin im gonna get me a little toke stone and tie it around my neck for a necklace.
    Back when i an aspiring stoner i smoked outta about everything to. Tiolet paper rolls were probley the harshest but i think my favorite belongs to my buddy who made a forced air gas mask device that worked wonderfull about the age of 14 or so. It was also my first smoking device that had to be plugged in.
  5. How do you smoke out of a toilet paper roll? :confused:
  6. One time we had no papers or anything to blaze out of......untill my buddy said "I heard you can roll a joint with the paper that tampons come in" :eek::eek::eek:

    We looked at him like he was completely fucking with us......Then 10 minutes later we are passing around an 1/8 sized tampon paper joint laughing our asses off. It actually worked pretty good. Dont know if this qualifies.....but its the weirdest thing ive ever rolled with.

  7. Its a kid thing first of all so its nothing fancy Ya make a hole by one end of the roll and put tin foil init (for the bowl) cover up that end of the roll with one hand and ya ht outta the other end. The concept is simular to a bong in that when you light it you hit it then uncover the other end for a shotgun type of effect. I actually have seen open end pipe meant to smoke like this.

    Ohh yeah the ol tampon paper,lol. We tried a dollar bill once and it sucked ass miserable - stick with the tampons.
  8. One time, I didn't have my pipe on me, so I walked in to a 7-11 at 4 in the morning to buy an apple, two pens, and a lighter. haha Took one of the pens, stabbed a chamber into the stem and side of the apple, and smoked a few bowls. Worked pretty well actually. :smoke:
  9. apples are awesome.
    when i was living in fiji, this english chap and myself created a bong out of a coconut, and a pen tube, using the milk inside. it was absolutely delicious.
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    That's exactly what I try not to do when I make homemade pieces. I have a micro bong made out of steel and brass airsoft parts. Nothing harmful there except possibly the rubber O-rings to seal it. There's a 6mm brass barrel as a downstem and a metal refrigerant hose as a sort of hookah set up, since there isn't much water to cool it.
  11. Made a bong out of hand sanitized bottle and chspstick tube haha an expo marker bowl and aluminum foil bowls which work rly well
  12. Idk if this counts but one time a couple years ago the axel fell out of my VW bus and I ghetto rigged it with a cut up lotion body and duct tape. If you want details ask.
  13. you could use it as a steamroller...if u think about it its ez to make..

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