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  1. * Does anybody out ther happen to have any good ideas for controlling thrips and any other pests, using ONLY natural/organic solutions? Common household ingredients or objects preferably.
    I already breed my own ladybugs, sprinkle cinnamon around the floor, lilac extract, vinegar traps, and if the thrips get bad, I vacuum them right out of the air lol, and I have killer cats. {my grow really isn’t bad at all this year though. But last year the thrips were kinda annoying sometimes}.

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  2. Safers soap spray.
  3. A sealed tent with controlled (filtered)airflow......??
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  4. All my water is permeated with Captain Jacks, supposedly organic? I share space with spider mites. If it smells good you know you got it. Spinosad is my thing.

  5. What is, and where is it sold?
  6. Two words- diatomaceous earth.

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