any good ideas for a rapper name?

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  1. I don't names sebastian and I'm from california and I smoke I like making hip hop and rap music make my own beats tooo SWAG!
  2. BastianBeatz

    Under the Currensea by Sebastian (little mermaid reference)

    hmm the history of your name: Sebastian (name) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Sebastian was a martyr, so maybe just Marter, Martyrr, Vince Martyr, Walmartyr, or simply Martyr.

    Pick a name that's personally significant, of partly as least. Lupe Fiasco was alway called Lu (his name is Wasalu) and he liked how Fiasco sounded (as in the song Firm Fiasco I believe).
  3. I just use various alias I have been given over the years.

    I have various rhyme styles
  4. if you are not creative enough to come up with a name for yourself you might just as well quit "making beats" now .....
  5. How about Sebastian the weed smokin Californian?
  6. I have ideas for names just wanted more ideas and I make some of my own beats but I mainly rap
  7. its simple .. pick either young or lil and add something you want or want to show that you have ....... and there you go ....perfect rapper name
  8. I guess haha
  9. Sebotage *****
  10. that's a really good one thanks
  11. Depends on what style of rap you best rhyme under.

    My rap name is Epitaph, I used to rap under dark and mellow beats.

    Try this as a short list:

    Damage control
    Mystic Virus
    Onslaught(That one is my favorite)

    These are but a megar few.

    Oh and if choose to want to freestyle if you're blazed-
    Please send me some of your freestyles via PM
    I'll show you some of my old school stuff.
  12. I like ryhming on old school beats like (nas, big l, j dilla, mac miller, and more) ya I love freestyling
    I'm pretty good at it so ya I'll send you some stuff
  13. sebby big dick
  14. Ball$ Deep.
  15. funny names :D
  16. Se Bastian
  17. Puff chillin.
  18. mc puff a lot haha

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