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Any good finds in Vegas?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ebonicsman, May 29, 2009.

  1. Going to Vegas here in about a month or so with a good friend. Any one have any good bud finds in las Vegas? don't really know how it works their, could i ask around and find something good without getting myself killed?
  2. oooh i heard nevada was tough on weed. my dads friend got prison for a year over one doobie!
  3. no its decriminalized i was caught with over a half oz and didnt go to jail... and not really too much of a good idea to grab if you dont know anyone here in vegas very shady people around here
  4. just ask the prostitutes or the strippers.
  5. site that decriminalized source bro...
  6. i used to live in vegas
    and there is NO SHORTAGE ON BUD

    i will be heading there in a few weeks or a month
    i can hook you up no problem

    yes there are very shady people around here and i can site that source buy you meeting my homies that roll with tools just to drop off an 8th
    i have had "friends" for months, turn into "thugs" in a second
    im sure every city is like this though

    what part of michigan you live in ebonicsman?
  7. I live in a small rural area about an hour away from Pontiac and Detroit. damn dude. that would be nice to get a hook up. why you visit Michigan?
  8. :( i have been in vegas all weekend and i have tried so hard to find anything. i dont know maybe people just dont want to sell to me. but it has been the worst weekend ever, i was sick before coming here but didnt know how bad i was feeling because i was medicated :smoking:.... now that i'm here i havent been able to eat anything for like three days because of nausea and my head is always hurting. FML
  9. where i live we have tons of great mids, but its too much for them.... fire is rare, and people want too much...

    i just saw some guy pickup 5g of GDP for 50 dollars... i would kill to find that deal over here....

  10. damn even in stockton its hard to get purp any cheaper than 45 an eighth:smoking:

  11. i have some friends that moved to michigan
    i have no idea why i asked... i dont know michigan at all

    i will be flying into vegas on tuesday the 16 of june and leaving on the 23
    will you be there?
    if we can't meet up i'm sure you'll find something there
  12. oh i will most likey miss you man. damnit. would have been sweet to tolk with a fellow blade, and watch some superjail. :mad: but have a good trip. and if you find a hot spot or can get me a couple names, it would be greatly apperciated

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