Any good dubstep remixes?

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  1. Anyone no any good songs that have been "dubstepped"? Just heard "country roads" dubstep and wondered if anyone could enlighten my ear
  2. No:p jk... or am I?
  3. Most producers don't do studio versions of remixes. But check out rude boy and bulletproof by chrispy and Alejandro which is I think by skrillex. Bass nectar throws down amazing remixes. But he only does them live. Not studio version.
  4. Youtube skrillex remixes and bassnectar they do a ton
  5. Well not to get all bob marley but theres a sick stir it up dubstep remix but I know skrillex and I'm not a huge fan of bass nectar.
  6. ugh skillrex:mad:

    jus got dun bumpin this :hello::hello::hello:
    [ame=]Pursuit Of Happiness - DJ Slink Remix on Vimeo[/ame]

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