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Any Girls That Consider Themselves Stoners?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jordon905, May 29, 2013.

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    I've found that most of my girl friends (freinds that arr girls) and some of the other girls I have met tend to be more of an occasional smoker rather than a "real" stoner.
  2. 'Cos girls don't do drugs.
  3. We exist, for sure. Plenty of stoner ladies on GC even. :smoking: 
  4. I know a lot of stoner girls. But then again, I am in California!!
  5. No we prefer to be called "Stonettes."
  6. Maybe they consider themselves "Female Cannabis Enthusiasts" or "Ganja Mamas"  or even better "Ms. Chim Chimery"  the last one came from a popular movie. 
  7. Well, sure. I've smoked pretty much every day for the past few years (save for a few tolerance breaks here and there). I smoke more than all of my guy friends put together. :)
  8. That is so awesome. Lol
  9. or poop. its true 
  10. Yes, it sure is.
  11. :eek:

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  12. I'm a stoner at heart. I smoked everyday for 7 or 8 years....

    Then I decided to stop because I was a drug addict and it didn't matter so much to me. After rehab I just decided to stay clean for a while... I just smoke every now and then.
  13. my wife is a total stoner
  14. Well at 65 I am a bit old to be considered a "girl", but I smoke every day, several times a day, so I qualify for the stoner, any way! lol
  15. Whoa! You are like a GC legend! I meant that in the most respectful way  :D
  16. I have to say that's pretty awesome haha, inspiring even :)

    60% of the time, it works every time.

  17. Oh, hi. I smoke several times a day! Definitely more than my guy friends, for sure. 
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    There are plenty of us around the forums. :) I've smoked regularly for close to five years now, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
  19. I vape almost every day, and smoke about once a week. I consider myself a stoner. I definitely get high more often than my guy friends!

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