Any girl but a black girl?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Tinkerbell26, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. I have heard so many men say they would date a girl of any race except black women.Ive always wondered why....when I ask why they often say "im not racist just a preference"...why the preference....I know the response is often "I dont know" ...I mean I can at least give a reason why for my preferences.....

    I date guys of all races even though I am a black woman I could give a shit about skin color. We are all the same humans...I do have a preference for those taller than me reason well im 5'1 so I would feel strange about dating someone shorter than not saying i wouldnt but its not something I would seek out.

    I have one theory : maybe its because for so long society has put out there that european features are best ....another theory I have is maybe I hear this more often bc I am in the south although when I get to the ATL I find i get hit on by just as many white dudes as any other race.....hmmm

    anywho thoughts? reasonings? anything to add?
  2. LOL I see people are looking but no one is answering come on no one else wants to say the reasoning behind their preference?
  3. I dont know, personally i am dating a black girl right now and i am a white guy, dont care about race, all that bullshit.

    but maybe white guys are intimidated by black girls for whatever reason, maybe subconsciously ? thats what i have noticed. obviously thats a generalization on the mans part.

    EDIT: i actually have a preferance for black girls, i dunno why most good looking black girls seem so more attractive to me than most good looking white girls.
  4. u want an honest answer? im not racist in any way but its the traits of black women for me. they do tend to have bigger lips and the way weight is carried, and hair and eye color. i typically look for girls with lighter colored eyes and hair ( not nessicarily blue and blonde) but thats just me.
  5. Whatever, I'll say it.

    Because many of them have no class, where I'm from; they're loud, obnoxious, and rude..

    but in no way am I a racist - just stating the obvious. :)
  6. Any girl with the right personality;):smoke:
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    i prefer black girls...

    but im open to whatever as long as their chill...

    it's all personal preference...

  8. Not just that. There is this thing called attraction.
    I'm generally not attracted to black females. It's like 1 out of every 100 I find attractive.

    I'm pretty sure it's the same way for them and this white boy. :p
  9. purple genitals
  10. my gf is black but for me usually its 10x harder to hook up with a black chick than a white chick, you gotta be on your game, most black girls are after black men and find them attractive...just sayin.
  11. I don't have anything against non-white guys, I just tend not to be attracted to them. I think I've only been attracted to a tiny handful of non-caucasian guys.

    Different people are attracted to different people.
  12. anything except an asain or indian for me :ey::ey::ey:

    never fucked w/ a black girl tho.. i would love to feel those big juicy fat lips around my cock sometime soon
  13. I have never been attracted to a black girl. :confused_2:

  14. Yup. It's really just that simple. :p

    Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what they are attracted to. Some guys are attracted to white girls, some are attracted to black girls, some are attracted to asian girls, some are attracted to blonde girls with big boobies, etc etc etc.

    I think you're reading a little too much into it. ;)
  15. Personally, i am not sexually or romantically attracted to black women.
    Perhaps because i haven't met the right one, but i see that changing in the near future.

    Anyone that posts in here about racism, or ignorance, is inherently ignorant themselves. Because you are not attracted to woman of a certain race does not mean that you have a problem with said race.

    I was with a black girl in high school for all of 15 min, and as i recall she gave good head. She was light skinned though. . . and wore hollister.

  16. well you are a smooth criminal, aren't you?
  17. their evil.. haha. actually that's something a black dude told me once. "never date black girls, their evil"

    i agree that a lot of white dudes don't like their features. The big ass is nice, but unless their chubby a lot don't have boobs.

    and what verbae said is more often than not true.

    a lot are very two faced.

    Anywho, I'm a white dude. Most the girls I've been with where black, including my most recent ex. She's bi, and she wasn't even attracted to black girls.

    She was a lil evil, and two faced. She didn't even like her own features. If I was after her for just sex I don't think I would of either, but I fell in love with her so I found her to be the hottest person ever.

  18. Well darling its prolly best that you get out of where you are from so you can be exposed to some classy black ladies...btw im blk and I am in no way shape or form like that...and I dont like girls that are like that....and I know TONS of white girls who act like that HELLO SNOOKIE from jersey shore.
  19. Yeah I know of white girls like that too.

    But you asked a question, and you got an answer.
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