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Any Georgia/ATL Blades Interested In Giving My Pitbull A Home?..?

Discussion in 'General' started by GrapDutchDrizzy, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey Blades, this is Chi Chi, She's 3 years since March.

    Im from the Gwinnett area leaving for college in Albany Georgia for 2 years, and above anyone else in this world i trust stoners, and the psychedelic i'm asking here first..

    I cant leave her with my mom, she has a German Shep already, it would be too much to ask her for help.. um Im looking for someone who wont do any harm to her, At ALL, and who wont keep her caged up like a prisoner..

    Chi Chi's a Pit Mix, and she wont hurt a soul, she's kind of a scaredy cat, but she does get aggressive when it comes to protecting you, as she does with me and no one else.


    She's no full on guard dog though, she would nip someone getting too close to you, lol, but if someone walked in your house she'd only sound the alarm

    She's never attacked anyone. she has nipped my neighbor, never trusted him.. hes locked up now but thats totally unrelated but go figure...

    She's completely chill, but has short hyper bursts, she's like born to run or something, she loves it. but she can get lazy and really just chill....

    She Does Not Smoke.. and i completely respect she just hates smoke coming from anywhere...

    She also plays too rough with other dogs, and babies, but she truely has good intentions, she just need someone thats really laid back, to quell here hyper-activeness

    She Hates cats by the way.


    If anyones interested in even just holding her for 2 years, that would be great, i would def take her back, i just want a good place for her, a long ways away from fights and abuse
    she's not that kind of pitbull...

    I dont really know what else to write, but i'll answer any questions, oh i would def throw in like 4 months worth of food!

    Here's some pics:




  2. That is a kick ass specimen of a dog, driz.

    If I lived in Georgia, I would most certainly help you out...

    That picture with her tongue out is priceless, hahaha.
  3. is so cute :love:
  4. aww man I would totally take her for you, shes adorable! I already have a male pit and I'm having a hard time talking my friend into letting him come live with us. I'm moving out within a month and I don't even know if I can take Dutch(my male pit) I'm soo upset but my rents will definitely take him if he can't come.

    best of luck to you and Chi Chi!

    here's my little man



  5. ^^^^

    dude that pit is beautiful :D, ive totally come to respect the brindles, their coats are really awesome man, oh and i know how it is man no worries, my brother wouldnt get an apartment with me because of this girl right here

    best of luck to you too kellie :cool::cool:

    Dutch, haha, i totally approve of that name, lol

    haha thanks guys, damn i really appreciate the love guys, and definitely WHL, if there was anyone id trust with chi chi it would be you bro
  6. Damn that's a beautiful dog. Makes me wish I lived in Georgia.

    My Pomeranian would probably hate me forever though :laughing:
  7. damn thats a great looking dog man

    wish i could help you out.
  8. I'd so take her if I lived alone.
  9. hahaha i can see it now, That Pomeranian would be soo unforgiving :D

    thanks man, and thanks KillerJ and Docleary, great vibes bros forreal
    i do appreciate it, i hope that the Georgia blades get around to seeing this thread though..

    And thanks for the rep PuppyButt, and Slushpuppie, Dog lovers i Presume? :laughing:
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    Man I live in Athens; I'd love to have a dog, but my tenants don't allow it... and I doubt I'd have a great deal of time to take care of her anyways.

    Good luck finding it a home; I'll ask a couple of my stoner buddiez too.
  11. Beatiful pit you got there, if i lived in gerogia i would love to help you out..i hope you find a good home for Chi Chi shes beatiful

  12. Thanks Misc, that would be great

    and most def Weedman, i hope so too, i really dont want her ending up with some fucked up person, that would put me in hell
  13. Aw drizzy what a cute pup, I wish I could even have a dog (apt, owner apparently doesn't want cats or dogs here). Unfortunately (as you probably know) pits are illegal here in Miami. I hope you're able to find her a good home. How come you can't take care of her atm? (You don't have to answer).
  14. its cool Royk, i just have to go away to school, and my ma has a pup already, i cant burden her with two dogs, and we're not even allowed to have pits in my complex
    she's pulling an anne frank big time, lol
    i feel like Cartman

    but the main reason is school
  15. Awww I'm sorry to hear that. Have you asked any other relatives or friends? My friends up in Lauderdale have some pits themselves and one pit just gave birth to 6 more (too cute)...not sure if they'd want another one. Sorry to hear that again :( it's like getting rid of a friend.

  16. actually depending on how close to your pets you are, its like giving up a child :(
  17. wow that sad to hear man having to give up your dog, i could never let mine go

    I would take her but i already got a male rottweiler who eats me outa home as it is

  18. ^^
    Thanks for the well wishes AlphToker, i certainly appreciate it, you not far from, if you know anybody who might be interested dont be afraid to let them know

    This. Its def more like giving up a child Royksopp, friends dont know anything about unconditional love, even the most grimiest of abusers are loved by their dogs :(
    the sad truth..

    oh and @ Royksopp, ha i would never let anyone in south florida keep her, as you know i lived there, almost everyone i know is more than willing to sell Pitbulls to fighters and illegal breeders, whatever..
  19. That is so sad man. I love dogs more than anything and if i lived alone i would definitely have a few myself. You're not too far from me, but due to the reason above i wouldn't be able to. She's a beautiful dog, though and you can find a good home for her.
  20. I love brindles, their coats are awesome!
    haha yeah I call him the Dutch Master, hes like my kid.
    always walking right beside me, sleeps right in front of the tub when I'm in the shower. lol sometimes he jumps into the shower with me, easy way to clean your dog! haha but yeah bud, best of luck!

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