Any gay/bisexuals/lesbians?

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  1. So, what's the sexual orientation like here? I've always been curious. I find it surprising how many people haven't tried threesomes atleast with the same sex. It's something on a spiritual level.
  2. r u gay? lol
  3. I'll live happy if I never have my balls touch another dude's balls due to fucking the same chick.

  4. dude its not gay if balls dont touch

    harold n kumar ftw
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    I am gay, lesbian and bisexual. That's acceptable considering my multiple genitalia. Don't judge me.
  6. I am heterosexual.
  7. im bi if it helps.
  8. Bisexual =]
  9. +REP funniest thing I've seen in a long time
  10. Too bad you've never had sexual relations with a female.. Pretty sure it's a little unfair to sport the status to look cool when you haven't even committed to the act.
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    Gay. (no homo) ;)
  12. I'm straight, and I've had plenty of lesbians hit on me lol. But I'm currently very happy with my boyfriend :)

  13. how do you know?
    you know her personally? maybe she fucks chicks all the time

    and im sorry but you're wrong.
    if a guy has sexual feelings about other men and isn't attracted to women, yet he has never boned a dude
    he is still gay, right?
  14. Thank you flowerchild!
  15. Yes, I know her in person, I fuck her most nights of the week, and I quite enjoy making fun of her "bisexual status" as shes only ever kissed one girl.. Apparently when she was 12 or something. However, I wish most of the time she'd just go lesbo and move in with some chick and leave me the hell alone :)

    Shut up woman. :)
  16. i dont mean to impose but damn flowerchild, all you ever do, alot of the posts ive read of yours are all disagreeing and trying to prove yourself to ppl... this is i peaceful place, so lets agree to disagree:)
  17. Your sucha douscher.
    I can too be bi without having sexual interaction.:eek:
    And for the record I was 16! And we made out.:p
  18. Haha he forgot to log out his account teheheehe
  19. sex is so overrated....

    im tired of screwing women....

    us guy's do all the work....

    im done with it.....

    too exausting<----------------:D
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    im not "proving" myself to anyone,
    and i really, really disagree (hahah) with your post,

    also i think you picked the wrong post to prove your point that all i "ever do" is disagree with people

    he was bashing on some chick for just "saying" she was bi, and so i was like, do you even know her? why bash her?
    if anything i was sticking up for that chick?

    so read more carefullly and check out my other posts, and prove yourself wrong.

    im not sorry for not being sweet shy little girl who doesn't speak her opinion or try and stand up for whats right.

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