Any funny stories about first time smoking?

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  1. I'm just remembering my first time tonight. I think it was the end of my freshman year in highschool so I was 14 or 15. I had tried it once before and never got high and I had done other drugs, but not weed. So my parents wen't out for the whole day and I smoked some out of an apple. It made me feel tingly and I just walked around smiling. I listened to my favorite band and it sounded AWESOME. Then I went out and just stood in the middle of the road. I saw that the people know lived next to me were having a bday party for the boys I babysit. I just walked in the house and started to eat some cheese itz on a table. The mom was like "ohhhh hey kid!" and gave me a hug. I think she knew what was up. Then I watched this guy do a stupid magic act and I jumped in the bouncy house with other 5 year olds. Very happy memory.

  2. My first time was behind a McDonald's dumpster out of a lemon. I suppose that's comical.
    Tasted like shit though.
  3. my first time was at my best friends house. his father was practicing baking all kinds of cookies so we watched weed wars and ate about 20 each. then i fell off my bike 3 times on my way home. ahh i was so young... :smoke:
  4. My first time I smoked was in a park with a huge open field. We went to the other side of the field to smoke behind some trees. It was fall so there were tons of leaves on the ground. When we were finally walking back, I was just staring at the ground listening to the leaves crunching and then all of a sudden we were 3/4 of the way across the field and I was talking about something and just burst out laughing. I had no idea what I was just saying cause I had basically blacked out on the walk back. It was crazy. I also remember when we got back to my friends apartment I would ask my friends about every 30 seconds, "was I just saying something?" Never in my life have I been as high as I was that first time.
  5. I was at my friends house after school. After we smoked out of a make shift gatorade bong we sat and watched tv. Then my girlfriend at the time called me saying I was being accused of a hit n run because I left a note on someones car who kept parking in my spot. Freaked me the fuck out.
  6. First time was at a friend's boyfriend's house with my best friend. the friend who's boyfriend it was couldn't smoke because she had got popped for possession and was getting drug tested. i had never met her boyfriend but we were buying the weed off him to smoke and when he found out i had never smoked he smoked me out. the only time i smoked a joint or a bong. i didn't enjoy my high because i was really nervous about the way i was acting. i talk a lot when high and i started talking even more to try and compensate for my nervousness. i left feeling really awkward.
  7. First time smoking was in the summer of my gr 9 year, my two buddies smoked quite a bit so i wanted to try it out. One of my buddies rolled a fatty joint and we went down the road to this really chill cul de sac, we found a good spot to sit down. The joint was sparked and i was last in the rotation, so i watched what they did and took a puff. Tasted like shit but i didnt mind. We roached the joint like 5 minutes in and my friends just sat there staring at shit, I didnt feel anything but i knew they were stoned out of there minds. 20 minutes after hooting i felt great. My friends lied down on the grass and said nothing for a while, while i just sat and started thinking about shit. After a while one of my buddies asked "how long have we been here, an hour or 2?" i looked at my phone and i was suprised that it had only been 30 minutes, so i burst out laughing and told him that it hadnt been hours. That was my first funny stoner moment. After chilling a bit longer we went inside and enjoyed the rest of the day.
  8. Being a Taiwanese immigrant I never thought about trying until I was 18 or 19 :p
    It's still viewed as a very dangerous drug (who started making it illegal anyways?!) back in Asia.
    My first time was on campus in the middle of the school where there is a poorly designed area that nobody would ever go. 
    I met some local American students in my class and they looked stoned as hell and then they invited me to smoke after class.
    I had to act like I knew what was going on while they passed the joint around. I'm a smoker so I think i did okay :p 
    After that we went to the store and I decided to buy them some drinks and cookies to thank them for the weed. 
    I remember I was standing in line waiting for the ATM and that was when it happened
    I started giggling, and having this wonderful, uplifting mood and everything (or myself) slowed down. And it freaked me out but I had to act cool in front of them hahaha
    And then I just drove home (which was a scary but yet the coolest experience for a newbie). I sat in my car with the music blasting, everything slowed down and the music gave my muscles and skins so much orgasms.
    Went home and fell asleep.
    i love getting high. 
  9. The first time i ever smoked i was in the ninth grade and it was with my moms boy friend. We were living in Italy do weed wasn't very prevalent so he had some hash. My mom was in Turkey so it was just him and I. He asked if i ever smoked herb before and i lied and said yes. He pulled out thus big joint with hash and tobacco in it.
    \tWe were driving while smoking and i was just so high that when i closed my eyes it felt like we were in an airplane. We finally reach home and when i get out if the car it geeks like I'm walking on air, so much that i had to look down.
    \tWhen we get inside he throws Seinfeld in the VCR and i laugh hysterically for the entire time. I finally decided to lay it down. Well my house was literally thirty yards from train train tracks. As i lay in my bed stoned out of my mind a train goes by and i jump out of bed cause it sounds like it is coming through my room.

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  10. My first time was at my friend's house a few years ago. I didn't know anything about weed at the time so I was a little sketched. So we went out into the woods where we have this log and it's your ideal smoking spot. I mean it has a beautiful view of a creek in front of you with a hill behind it, so you can see the sun peek just over the hill, the log is comfortable and there is soft ground, a very relaxing place where you can just chill. So we sat down and started smoking, on my first hit I didn't inhale, but they taught me how to use the carb and everything so eventually I was getting the hang of it. After two bowls between us I was done, I wanted to continue but they said that I was way to high; probably because I had picked up a tree branch that resembled an arm and laughed about it for five minutes. Well on our walk back, we crossed the river and wen over the hill, I remember it was like one of those scenes from a movie where the person had been through a lot of hardships and had finally got to where they were going. The Sun was coming over the hill and I was blinded by the rays of light, but I also thought that it was beautiful because the dew on the ground made a slight mist and the sun made it sparkle in the most beautiful way. (That could've been due to the fact that I was high as hell but oh well) Well once we were over the hill we walked back in silence listening to Pink Floyd. It was a great day. :)Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  11. My first time was with a friend and we smoked out of a can. Since it was my first time i took more hit than i could handle. After that we went back to our culinary arts class. I was so high to the point i laughed every minute and couldn't concentrate. Also people would tell me to do something and a few seconds later i would totally forget. My mouth was also super dry. Not only that the room started to spin around! seriously and i told my friend then he said, shhhhh dude you don't want to get caught. I actually couldn't concentrate anymore and sneaked out then saw the vice principal and got so paranoid. After that i drove home and went straight to bed. My culinary arts teacher actually knew i was high but i was so lucky because he smokes too.
  12. My first time was during a lunch break at school. I loaned this kid some money and instead of paying me back, him and I went out and smoked. I remember I was really scared and shaking. He told me it was creeper weed and that it'd hit me in a couple minutes. I walked into class and as soon as I sat down, the room started spinning and I was laughing at everything and couldn't concentrate. So I went ti the bathroom to try and get my bearings but fell asleep on the toilet for an hour.Sent from my SPH-M840 using Tapatalk
  13. My first time was senior year the last day before winter break. Me and two friends split a brownie. A good time ensued.

    I half convinced one friend I had monkey feet.

    My friend tried to bite my knee

    We all huddled around a vending machine because friend 2 convinced it was letting off heat. (It was)

    Then I panicked around the peak. Panic and weed went hand in hand my first few times, so friend one nicknamed me that some time after the brownie. Haha

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  14. A friend of mine asked me if i wanted to get some weed i was like fosho cause i listened to loads of biggie and pac hahaha he put like 0.2-3 in a 2litre gravity bong and i was fucked out of myMind then this dude and lots of his friends appeared then this dude cameOver and was like "first time? Hell yeah and then he rolled a blunt felt like he was doing for an hour then we smoked it between 3 of us, was suuuuper blazed haha, stoned now tooNo Justice, No Peace.
  15. For my first time I hotboxed a car with some friends and my boyfriend. I remember once I started getting high, my vision was lagging, like if I moved my hand, I'd see five of my hand moving. It was crazy. The best part was when we went back to the house and started gaming. I still get the giggles when I'm high but this shit was intense.

    We were playing Goldeneye and me being distracted as hell, at one point I noticed I had been making my character run around in circles for several minutes. I found it really funny and started laughing. I started thinking about how funny it would be if someone walked into the room and saw me and I'd laugh even more. Then someone actually walked into the room and saw me running in circles shooting and I completely lost my shit. Apparently I spent about 20 minutes straight running in circles laughing so hard I was crying, only saying "Oh my God guys I'm just fuckin' around!" a few times between fits of laughter. Then I went home later and ate delicious jalapeño slices. Such a good time. :)

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