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Any fun stoner games?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cannabannaman, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. For instance, me and my friends like to get baked out of our minds and the challenge is to not say "what?" for the entire night...yeah, we usually all fail within 2 minutes lmao.
  2. we play the what game but if you say what the only response you're getting is "FUCK YOU"
  3. Lol one time it was like this:
    A: Don't say it...
    B: say what?
    A: Haha you just said what!!!
    C: What's another word for that word we can't say? Maybe huh?
  4. I suggest playing FIFA. It's really hard when you are high.

    As far as stupid random games like you were saying, I would say the most fun thing to do is just go out into public and see who can hold their composure the longest. If you are smacked out of your mind, its a hard challenge, because everything you see is so funny.
  5. yeah man, once we went to little ceasars pizza and we were all just lined up against the wall with our hands behind our backs like we were in front of a firing squad with the reddest fucking eyes and i kept telling my friend he looked like frankenstein haha.
  6. Well there can't ever really be an organized stoner game. Everyone would be too high to figure out the rules and shit. I once tried to play bong pong, but it was an awful idea that no one should ever try again.

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