Any Fishermen in Grasscity? Picture Gallery of local caught fish.

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  1. Just wanted to show some of the fish I've caught in the past couple years. These are all local caught in the so-cal ocean. Hope to see some of you out there!

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    and some of the views i get to see


  2. [quote name='its_420']Just wanted to show some of the fish I've caught in the past couple years. These are all local caught in the so-cal ocean. Hope to see some of you out there!

    and some of the views i get to see

    Where is this at?

  3. This is in Dana Point in Southern California. Its the jetty :devious: aka. Slaughter Alley
  4. Caught out the Port of Illwaco, WA. Pacific Ocean.

    No kings.


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  5. seventy some views and no other love for this post come on guys thats some diverse biology. awesome post brotha.
  6. That was a good day eh? What lb test was that on?

    for real ! I know more of you blades fish.
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    Nah it was actually a disappointment no King Salmon. Woulda been cheaper to buy the fish by the pound on shore at the market, ha! That's four peoples limit. But we did all limit..theres been trips noteveryone did. Especially before they really started to stock salmon into the columbia.

    It was a chartered expedition..and
    Anymore all the skipper cares about is limiting the boat and getting back to shore before noon.

    I heard stories about when they used to hold out for nice fish.

    Pretty sure this was the year I hooked something very, very big right before we were getting ready to head out. First time i've witnessed something like this on the ocean but whatever grab my makarel on the end of the line straight spooled line for about 60 seconds before it snapped. The 20 or 35# test, idk what the heck they were using didn't stand a chance.
  8. New fisherman here!
    Been three times now, haven't caught anything yet, but I've lost plenty of bait to some of the little buggers.
    Probably going out again tomorrow, considering I live across the street from a river.
    I don't eat fish, so I'm a catch and release kind of guy.
    When I nab my first catch (other than sticks, moss, etc. ;)) I'll be sure to get some pics up!
  9. Its all about the fight to me! I love feeling a huge fish or shark on the line. Gets the adrenaline pumping, especially when stoned out of my mind!
    I would like to go fishing up north. Ive always wanted to go ice fishing. Probably its mellow and warm and u can hotbox the shit outta one of those little huts! haha

    If you ever hook a fish and it's too deep to get pliers down in the mouth, instead of yanking its guts out you can just cut the line close to the hook. The hook will rust out in about a week, causing no harm to the fish.

    fishing can be addicting !!! I am an addict!:hello:
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    There is no fight to ocean salmon fishing.

    In washington they outlawed the use of barbed hooks, it is inhumane.hahaha? The diver they use to put your bait deep enough into the school of fish is so massive, it alone, is a fight.

    You hook a fish, you put your pole tip up, and you start reeling and you don't stop. There is little resistance regardless of if you are pulling in a fish or bring your hook in for the girl to re-bait.

    On the other hand my friend.. hooking a 3 pound dolly vardon in this river will truly be the experience of a life ;).


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    We didn't know that the other night when my buddy caught his first fish. The next day his uncle told us that and now we both feel horrible for killing the poor little thing. :(
    I'm going across the street to do some more fishing today! That'll be 4 days of fishing in a row... I love it! :D
    I love the relaxed feeling of sitting by the river, watching the water go by, and waiting for a bite.
  12. nice hauls man haven't fished in a while used to with my dad all the time

  13. Man, What a beautiful view. I love shit like this. Makes me want to hunker down and start living off the land with my fishing pole and a hammock. Thanks for the bitchen pic!
  14. Ive slaughtered my fair share of innocent shorty's but its all about putting what you learn in to action. Im actually going shore fishing today , hope to get some more pics to throw on here!
    If you're ever down in so cal hit me up and Ill get you on some nice fish.
  15. Thanks man. Those fond memories are what keep me goin back!
    I always meet someone new every time I fish. Either some chick goin OMG WHAT IS THAT THING or other fishermen asking about the catch. Either way its always a good time!
  16. Went shore fishing today and caught a spot fin croaker. Was on my first cast. Only spent like an hour down there but it was worth it. Came up with a lot of kelp and sea weed also.

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    Catch native trout in milk lake.

    Brook, rainbow, occasional brown.

    I'm pretty sure it's never, ever been stocked with hatchery fish.


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    Picture on the drive up to it.

    Unfortunately no pictures of trout caught from this lake. A lot of times you have to hike the last half mile cuz of winter washouts and beer takes precedent too cameras.


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    This trophy however, was Cade Micheals first fish ever caught 20 miles down the road from milk lake.. at the milk creek pond.
    (I just looked up the Washington State trout stocking plan and the pond will get 600 8"-12" fish for 2011)

    We've pulled 28" rainbow trout out of there before.
  18. Nice man. I hope some day im able to live on some land like that.
    What state is this again?
    I love that pic of the drive up and the pic of the lake in front. Breathtaking!
  19. The evergreen state..
  20. You been doin an more fishing brosef?

    You post the coolest pics I love ocean life.

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