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any fisherman out there

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gamereaper, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. so i have the option of going to the bering for black cod. i can choose between tendering and fishing. the tender job alows me to ride the boat up and bring what ever i want (3 months leave day before Christmas) but i get paid less and the other job is alot harder get paided way more (4 months leave January ish?) and i have to fly no weed. but im still new to this shit so whats the word guys?
  2. i'd fish...
  3. I would go for the second one, just because I would always go for the option of the most money :devious:
  4. ya thats wat i was thinking but i know ill be wishing i was on a tender with my bud lol
  5. January fishing for cod in the bearing straight? 1: cold 2: yeah you get paid more but that's cuz its pretty dangerous.
    More money is good but remember to weigh risk with benefit, also last I checked pay depended on total yield for the ship divided after expenses. Not sure about cod but crab could be 40k a season or next to nothing a season.
  6. ya im just assuming we do good lol (fucking bristol bay)
  7. Hey whatever you decide I hope it goes well for you! I love fishing though I haven't done it on a commercial scale lol
  8. idk i feel like a pussy lol if i dont go cod fishing but your right i may not get a good season, and seeing as i get like 1 percent or something like that the tendering job may be my best bet... i dont have to cook and i get to sleep. adding weed on top of that...well i could always sneak it on the plane lol its easy
  9. More money is better but if it isn't guaranteed more money I would go for the less pay option simply because its guaranteed. Check up on cod fishing in the area you are supposed to go, if the report looks promising it might be worth risking.
  10. what ever i go with im still gunna get the shit end of the stick lol
  11. Naw, think of it as no matter what you choose you still get paid lol

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