any firefighters?help

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  1. im a senior in high school and i wana become a firefighter after high school im gona go to a junior college but dont know what my next steps should be after that. any advice or anything?????
  2. i fight fires by throwing weed at them. eventually the fire gets so high that its too lazy to burn anything else.

    you need to take some classes in the medical field. cuz more than a fire fighter you are a paramedic. and you need to help people more than extinguish a fire. so take some of the more basic health classes. why not just go into a fire house nearby and ask them about what you need to do to help get a leg up on the training so that you can pass the entrance physical test.
  3. ^LOL

    and I suggest going to your future college/uni and talking to an advisor. They will lead you into the right direction and will tell you which classes you will need to take and everything. They are the people to go to if you don't want to waste time!
  4. I dont fight fires.. I start them... only they are contained within my heady glass:cool:
  5. Well, you could always try drop kicking the fire.

    I'm not an actual fighter, but I had a friend who was once one.

    Hope I helped.

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