Any Fire Fighters or family members who are fire fighters here???

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I'm 99% sure thats what I want to do with my life, become a fire fighter, but...., I'm 100% sure, I am not going to stop smoking marijuana for some fucking job, any ideas on whether or not fire fighters receive piss tests??
  2. if you do don't smoke b4 u work and make a dumb decision that could cost someone's life
  3. He didn't implied anything like that. Only if smoking is an issue.

    When I worked as a lifeguard (waterpark) nearly all the EMT's were firefighters at one time and most of them smoked.
  4. They work for the Government, so I think testing is mandatory, but there are so many ways to cheat, why worry. i don't think I'd smoke during training though, that shit looks pretty rough, carrying bodies up 3 flights of stairs, wheezing from a blunt? Good luck though, firemen are the best of the public servants IMHO.
  5. I know of cops and personally know a P.O. who smokes.
  6. And a host of DEA agents who sell weed they stole, once you're in, you're in!
  7. Yes. Practically all firefighters in this country are drug tested during the hiring process. This is because firefighters are local government employees, usually working for the county. Some counties, especially metropolitan areas, will also require random drug testing during your employment.
  8. I know im just tellin him, never said anything about smoking after work
  9. Im in training for EMT-B and yes they do test voulenteers and paid firefighters , aswell as EMT's. If you are going to be a city firefighter your going to be the type of guy busting through the front doors of apartments and such. If you live in the suburbs though all the calls are going to gas leaks and maybe some structure fires on a bad day.
  10. I wouldnt smoke durring training, or durring (or before the job). It'd be respeoncible use, and thats why i was wondering. I was pretty sure they got tested. I'd be aiming to get hired around the Bay Area or San Deigo.

    Yes, there are tons of ways to cheat, but if it's random, how would I know when to drank a detox drink, or would I have to carry around clean piss 24/7 haha
  11. if you get hurt and have to go to the hospital they'll check your blood and if you have THC in it they wont help you with the hospital bill and will more then likely fire you

    atleast thats what happened to me when i worked contstuction and fell off a roof
  12. I can see it now "yo mang dont put that shit out yet let me light this blunt off it first homey!"
  13. if we all manage to get rid of the assholes in office who can't accept a toker/user who honestly can and will help people you shouldn't have a problem

    sans that I hope it ain't some random deal cuz I know pleanty of tweakers working outta a few firehouses around me

    they have the extra ooomph to actually get out alive 'n save folks because of it and it would be a damn sad day to see them getting fucked with over enhancement that obviously doesn't change the outcome of a bet or anything of the sort

    if chem xyz helps you save lives better wtf is the problem seeing as you only get one shot at saving said lives
  14. heh, you know how I do.

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