Any Female tokers on here??

Discussion in 'General' started by Dude Pass It, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Any women that actually like weed like guys?:eek:
    I dont believe it! post your pics:hello:
  2. i'm a dude

    lol idk if that helped
  3. lol "ne chicks? show me ur pic"

    what a dumb thread
  4. My fiancee and I are. She got me into it. I couldn't give a lesser shit if you believed me though so no pics for you.

  5. :eek::hello::cool::smoking::p

  6. are you lesbian? serious question

  7. Lol, dude it took me like 5 sec to figure that one out, the sig.....
  8. No, she's getting married to a woman and she's not a lesbian. :D

    Sorry, just had to point out the obvious.
  9. I was going to let him figure it out for himself. Let him have a sense of accomplishment :)
  10. YES *in a crackly girl voice*
  11. *Looks at Artemis's Avatar*

    Ya i think shes lesbian...
  12. yay I'm not the only one :p
  13. lesbian love.
  14. arent you the guy that like putting nugs in his butt and smoking them?
  15. love lesbians
  16. Omg!! wish i had the CLICK remote to go 5 seconds back and not view this thread!!

    seriously#1-if you wanna go that there are women in here, then it would be better if you were one yourself so that they would care other then that then you just wanna know to hit on them
    #2- dont believe show me pics? they would just be like mmhhmm who cares!! why would they care if you believe them or not?

    and women do like weed like guys i've meet some chicks that smoke more then guys it doesnt matter if you are a female or not its an activity that doesnt include phisical abilitoies
  17. O shit you remember what happened last time anyone?

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