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Any Female Stoners Here?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dr0ping-ac1d, Jun 17, 2013.

  1.  Hey, any female stoners blazing in the hamilton area? we need more girls on this site hehe, anyway favourite funny movie to watch high? 
    i like bad teacher
    stay high niggas :metal:  :ey:  :cool:       :smoke:  :smoking:  :bongin:       

  2. Not a girl... but I like girls, does that count? :D
    Pineapple Express is a good one, but that one is said a lot. The Big Lebowski, Shaun of the Dead.
  3. There's actually quite afew ladies around here, usually you can tell by there Avi,sig, or name. but my favorite movie to watch stoned is anything with Seth Rogan. idk what it is about him but i find him super funny
  4. Seth rogan is da bum
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    not a lady; but like MrGoatington I too very much enjoy women :D

    I have a thing about re-watching movies and shows.
    I don't.
    If it was incredible i might go back and re-watch it once or twice just for kicks; but usually I have too much on my "to-watch" list to even bother with something I've seen before.
    hey variety is the spice of life, right!?

    also i watch everythign high haha; my most recent "Favorite" has been the show called Aku no Hana; its quite odd and a little unsettling; but i find it anywhere between completely hilarious, and plain enthralling when I'm stoned. Only 2 more weeks till the finale i dunno what im gonna do when its over!!

  6. oh yeaaah :metal: in canada but not in the hamilton area.
    i love watching fear and loathing in las vegas when i'm super baked. favorite movie of all time.
  7. Most of the female stoners seem to hang around the "sex love & relationship" section here. All the men here treat them as if they are experts on the subjects :laughing:
    Welcome to the City!
  8. Plenty of us :D
  9. im not typically veggin out in front of a tv when im stoned, but if i were to pick a movie i enjoyed most while stoned it'd have to be scary movie 2...haha chris elliot who plays the caretake (hanson) killls meee
  10. oh or anything with dave chappelle. always has me rollin'
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    She said niggas!  :laughing:  I never understood the movie Half Baked when I was younger and wasn't smoking until last night when it came on. Now, it's my favorite movie to watch stoned. Also, i'm not a girl, just thought I'd come in to see how the thread is holding up and add my two cents. <.<
  12. Stoner chick here :) I usually watch any comedy when I'm high. The last thing I watched was John Tucker Must Die. Bunch of girlfriends and I got high and watched it hahaha
  13. Yup stoner chick right here :)
    I like to watch random documentary's off Netflix while burning a fatty... Craigslist Joe was the most recent.
  14. Marry me?
  15. There are a few very active bladies here.
    Infact, the person with the highest post count (well 2nd, the first one is a glitch, it's not a real user) might be a bladie.
  16. you're all such liars
    women don't smoke weed
  17. ex-stoner chick, hopeful one day legal-stoner chick  :yummy:
  18. Female stoner here.
    Smiley Face is easily the best movie about a girl stoner, and also one of my favorite movies in general.
  19. My friend also said they dont smoke weed............while naked.........for some reason!
    That would be sweet tho ladies

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