Any fellow believers?

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  1. I am not specifying any religion but i just wanna know if there are any GC tokers out there that have some sort of belief but live that life along with smokin the herb.

    Just a question i was pondering when i was high surfing the forums ^^

    Thanks for the replies!
  2. I believe that the religious are terrible people.
  3. and thats exactly what im looking for. an OPINION. thank you Dr.

    atleast i got an answer
  4. Simply put - "All religion divides"

  5. fixed

    <- atheist.

    My beliefs:

    We're a physical and biological coiincidence due to our planet having amazing rescources, and billions of years of evolution.
    We're no more than complex bacteria.

    Conciousness is electric current. It's just working on such a complex level (compare the brain to a microprocessor, it is exponentially more complex while being based on the same processes) that we like to think we're special and transcendent.

    When we die, that current is stopped, and we're gone, there is nothing after death, just as you were nothing before you were born. That is the end, and to those who'd argue there is no point in life- they are weak, and need to believe in fairytales to give themselves reason.

    I see my purpose in life as nothing more than to make my and other's experiences of life as enjoyable as possible.

    And all that is subject to change as scientific research progresses.
    Lets hear a christian say his beliefs are subject to change as the bible progresses- the bible doesnt progress or change.

    (well... history shows the bible, or at least it's interpretation, changes to benefit the powerful)
  6. thanks lebowski. great reply
  7. well before being introduced to marijuana i was highly against religions and wanted to part but after smoking for a while i've become more of a spiritualist and just live day by day :D
  8. welcome to GC daveboy
  9. I'm Catholic, that's how I was raised.
    I'm not very religious but I believe in God.
  10. I consider myself religious but am unsure as of yet which I religion's beliefs I am affiliated to.
  11. I hate religion. All it does is cause bad things. I could rant about it forever but I will save it for when I have more time to post.

    Atheism is the way to go.
  12. I'd also like to say that if I had to believe in a religion, polytheist religions are way more interesting and beautiful.

    Bacchus (or Dionysus) for the win.

  13. I'd agree to disagree.

    I believe there's some force out there. There's just too many coincidences and crazy shit that goes on in the world for there not to be something.

    Whether it's karma, yin and yang, there's something.

    But after the things I've been through, I can't believe that there's a " God" that creates people, and all the shit that's in the bible.

    Great flood? Happened. Every religion talks about a massive flood. That definitly happened.

    Some dude coming down from "Heaven" and spreading the word of christianity to the world, and being epically and dramatically killed? I smell bullshit!

  14. That last part in bold happened :D

    That makes you an agnostic, the new word for the in-between atheists. I think you can say most atheists are agnostics to some degree.
    I for one, believe mostly in the scientific understanding of the world, but the scientific theory of the universe and creation is incomplete, and I believe it could lead us to some sentient higher power.

    I usually think that if we did find a higher power, the main current religions in the world would all have links to it, but would've just all gotten it wrong for the most part.
  15. thanks so much guys. good responses. keep it up!
  16. Was raised as a roman catholic, but after about the age of 8 or 9 i began to see through the lies.
  17. I'm agnostic, which means I'm open to the thought of religion, just not entirely convinced by it.

    If I did have to choose, it would probably be Buddism.

    Buddist don't really believe in a God (If this statement is false, correct me) I don't think. They just follow a simple life-path to find enlightenment.

    Have you ever seen an un-happy buddist?! I haven't, they are such nice people.

    Plus...Asian girls are hot.
  18. Personally i think if a miracle such as life can occur then another miricle such as a creator can occur but i also think that such a concept cannot be understood. just like an insect cannot understand physics.

    i do think most religeons ridiculous except for buhdism or hinduism wich are more like life styles than relegions

    i believe in a "god" if thats what you want to call it but i refuse to believe it on any terms except my own.
  19. Well, now that we have a general idea of some views,

    explain how there can or cannot be a god?

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