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Any feedback on 'Ureasample' freeze dried human urine?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Pied Piper, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Wondering if anyone has subbed successfully with the freeze dried human urine from Ureasample.com???

    They claim it is clean, human, freeze dried urine that can be stored and reconstituted at a moments notice.

    Thanks in advance from a long time lurker and new member....

  2. Well as long as it's human urine and kept frozen it should work. Assuming there clean of course.

  3. It's freeze dried and vacuum sealed. Can be kept at room temp for long term storage.
  4. It's delicious with club soda, a couple shots of rum and a little lime juice.

  5. Cool, like Bear Grylls right? At least it's sterile...


    No one has used them?

    Guess I'll post my results after I have the sample tested.
  6. I am 99.9% sure it is a scam. Who the hell would sell human urine, let alone how would they get it all?
  7. freezing it is what prevents it from going bad

  8. If you keep piss a bag for long term, doesnt matter if it is vacuum sealed. Shit is going to get all disgusting and attract rats.

    Hahaha also, I wonder how a parent would react to op getting human piss in the mail.
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  9. If you read the thread it is not frozen. It is freeze dried (lyophilized) and in powder form


  10. Just received my order today from them.... and will be testing a sample at the lab. I will post the results when I get them.
  11. I am interested greatly in the results.

  12. Will keep you posted.

    The synthetic urine is too easy to detect now.

    This is a great subbing option for a random. If it passes.....
  13. yeah come back with whether it works or not and look at the lil ass dude just with his arms crossed with a big ass smile on his face like hell yeh I'm makin millions sellins my urine to stoners G. :D
  14. Alright...

    I have done prelim tests on the UreaSample product.
    It is now at the lab for the GC/MS testing.

    I should have the complete report by the end of this week and will upload a copy of the document.

    The sample was prepared as per the included instructions.

    1. Using a single panel THC dip the sample was NEGATIVE.

    2. ALSO, sample was tested with UrineCheck7 for adulteration. Checking the Creatinine, Nitrite, pH, Specific Gravity, Glutaraldehyde, Oxidants, and Pyridium Chlorochromate in urine. The sample PASSED.

    I will provide pics for evidence once the labs come back.
  15. so did it work? AND does it have to refrigerated?
  16. is it me or does this guy just look like a walking advertisement for this stuff. there was another thread where everyone was ragging on the op for being fake. this one seems much more obvious lol

  17. Advertisement....guy....lol...

    After finding several reviews that were less than "positive" I decided to just sub with gen clean urine.

    ie I wouldn't trust the UreaSample product, and didn't
    use it.:wave:

    But what's a few hundo lost in the big picture....????
  18. I can't buy that it's legal to distribute freeze-dried urine to the general public.
  19. I believe there are only certain states that have laws preventing the sale of human urine to the public. For example, most synthetic retailers won't ship to AR, IL, KY, OK, NJ, NC, or SC due to laws enacted to ban products that can thwart drug tests.

    Anyone remember this guy from way back when...??

    Is It Really Possible 'To Pass Any Drug Test?' - Jacksonville News Story - WJXT Jacksonville

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