Any fans of Woods of Ypres?

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  1. They're playing at a small venue in town later in the month and I'm more than likely going as the cover is only $5. I was wondering what songs I should check out?
  2. Woods of Ypres are one of those bands where you've got to listen to the entire album. Id start out with The Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues; and then explore the rest of their discography. Enjoy the show! I wish they'd play in Seattle some time soon.
  3. I forgot they existed. Not heard about them for yeeeeeears.
  4. I know right, I had too look up the album I was talking about :smoke: Good stuff.
  5. Thanks I'll check out that album. I guess this is an obscure doom metal band? Dubstep seems to be king around here.
  6. They apparently play doom now, used to be black metal though.
  7. More descript they are woodsy Black Metal ala Drudkh, Agalloch and Walknut. Their new stuff reminds me of Sol Invictus.
  8. I know this thread is crazy old, just searched the band on the forum and decided this thread needs a good bump! 
    Any fans out there now? 
    Woods of Ypres has got to me my all time favourite band, I've been listening to them for years. Its such a shame the Founder/Frontman David Gold passed away December 2011. 
    Album 1:

    Album 2:

    Album 3:

    Album 4:

    Album 4.5:

    Album 5:

    I highly recommend any metal fan to check these guys out, its incredible work and each album so totally unique and different. I am so thankful to have discovered these guys years ago and been able to meet the founder David Gold on a few occasions and follow along on his many adventures he posted on facebook for all his fans. 
    The guy was a lyrical genius and multi-instrumentalist. Such a shame he passed almost two years ago. 
  9. Can't believe I've just listened to this band for the first time, been missing out big time.

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