Any Fans of the Needle?

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  1. For music formats, MP3 is very convenient. CD's are nice also, but the most enjoyable listening for me is vinyl records played on a turntable with a phonograph needle (aka cartridge and stylus). The only problem these days is most recordings are done digitally, so even if they press the music on vinyl, the source is still digital. :wave:
  2. I've got a bunch of old records that I got from my mom and dad. (Lou Reed, Bowie, Frank Zappa, Creedence etc)

    I have a record player too but when I plug it in to the amp, I get a very low output, volume wise. (There's a little speaker on the player itself too but you have to put your ear next to it to hear anything)

    Never found out how to fix that. The few times I've properly listened to vinyl were nice (I love the crackle and pop effect you get with old dirty records), but it's more of a gimmick for me.

    I bet in a few years cassette tapes will be the new vinyl :cool:
  3. Do you have an amplifier with a phono input? If not, and you're plugging in to a line stage input (CD, Tape, AUX, etc.), it won't have enough gain. You can get a separate outboard phono stage to fix that, and put it between your turntable's output and preamp/amp.

    There are also record cleaning solutions, brushes and machines which significantly reduce the surface noise of records. When properly played back, analog recordings are the closest possible thing to live music, but still not nearly as good as the real thing.
  4. Is it bad I thought you were talking about Heroin in the title? :p

    I love the sound of vinyls and love to listen to some of the old ones my family has. I feel so classic listening to them lol
  5. A few years back I had an old record player, the only albums I had were Michael Jackson and CCR. XD I sold it like a year ago though.
  6. I still have one hooked up and then aux out to a mini plug into my sound card for recording. :smoke:

  7. Ha, I was gonna say the same thing.

    I have a ton of records, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, the Beatles, from my dad, but no player. So the sleeves just sit there looking pretty, which is a shame really.
  8. i have a pretty vast record collection definitely one of my more favorite hobies /ways to unwind at the end of the day tokeing and putting a good record on the turn table just have sound you cant get from other formats
  9. I love vinyl I have a rather large collection.
  10. I love vinyl.
    My collection is just starting to get bigger. I have about 100-150 records. Anything from older to newer jazz, to death metal. Theres just something about it that feels superior to any other format..
  11. I thought this thread was going to be about something veeeeerrrryyyy different.
  12. I love the needle! just mix some vinyl with some grooves on a disc, spin that shit, put the needle to it, and let your mind take you away...

    seriously though... GD Europe '72 is the fav in my collection
  13. No to your question, yes to heroin.
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    I've always enjoyed records, mostly because I grew up listening to my dads collection. I bought a turntable a couple of months ago and I'm starting my own collection now. I'm loving every second of it.
  15. I have a bunch. :smoke: My favorite is Highway 61 Revisited on Master Vinyl in Mono. It sounds like God.
  16. totally thought this was drug related, too haha

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