Any fans of The Dave Matthews Band

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by dmb1357, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. hey im a huge fan to dave matthews, he makes several references to smokin his kind and i got a cool story about a show i went to if u want to hear it,dont worry it involves smoken kind bud
  2. lets hear it, i love dave, him and coldplay are the only other thing i listen to when im not listen to trance/techno. He always comes to riverbend here in cincinnati every year. everyone on the lawn gets plastered and stoned ahhh good times. If u have never been to a dave concert its diffenitly a must.
    might get more responces if u move it to the music forum or one of the main forums up top.
  3. Umm dude this is the spirituality and philosophy forum but yea DMB is god I absolutely fucking love them been to 8 concerts its awesome man
  4. no sir, not at all.
  5. the older they get the better they were. Before these crowded streets was probably their last great album. for some reason i just dont think their newer stuff has the same passion that they used to.
  6. yeah, his older stuff rocks, dave's solo CD sucks balls tho. the only song i like on it, is "Grave Digger" it was a waste of my money.
  7. dave kicks ass.

    nuff said

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