Any fans of A Song of Ice and Fire series??

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by Lodi Dodi, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Just finished A storm of swords :hello:

    Pretty dope, gonna start AFFC later tonight
  2. The first few were pretty readable, the series goes sharply downhill from where you're at now though.

  3. Yup, definitely agree.

    It has just become far too long-winded and contrived.
  4. I have read all the books in the series so far, and have definitely enjoyed them all. I will agree that AFFC was my least favorite but still a good read.
  5. I have enjoyed the books. However, I feel the author would've done a lot better by skipping ahead a few years in each person's timeline. The way it is now, each persons story is unfolding way too slowly. At the rate it is now, I truly feel he'd need to write 10 books to get out each persons individual fate. That's just too much.

    A Storm of Swords was the best in my opinion.
  6. Yeah, the plot's slowed to a crawl compared with the momentum of the first three.
  7. The plot does slow down around the 4th book, I still enjoy it for the most part tho. I've seen some harsh reviews but I liked the 5th book
  8. You'll find many of them here. ;)

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