any experts give me a rough estimate of how far from mature this plant is?

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  1. it's a mystery seed, looks like some sort of dwarf/autoflower, or maybe i just stunted the hell out of it somehow (it did get moved twice in it's life) but that doesnt really make sense because it wasnt even close to 12/12 when it went im thinking autoflower, who knows.. that's why i'm asking..

    it showed parts probably 4 weeks ago, but i have no clue how long this thing is supposed to flower for.. never grown anything like this little thing, looks like it's all cola lol.. i dunno whether to let it go for another month, 2?.. just looking for opinions...



    this other one, im thinking is the same thing, looks the same.. and i put em next to eachother, so im guessing same batch of seeds, it's not even showing parts though..who knows..

  2. I'm not seeing an image there RT.
  3. I can see it, but can't help with the original question, sorry.
  4. Weird. Nope, I'm still not seeing anything.
  5. I copied the first one. Can you see this?

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  6. Yep, thanks.

    Weird one. It's difficult to know from the photo without knowing anything about it. How long has it been growing in total? What was it under before going outside?

    If it is an autoflowering strain, most of them have a growth time of 60-70 days from germination to harvest. It looks fairly healthy at the minute so I wouldn't say it was ready yet. Keep an eye on the colour of the trichomes and for any deficiencies that let you know it's getting close to harvest.
  7. I'm not even going to hazard a guess with this one.
  8. i would say you got about 7-8 weeks to harvest lol.

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