Any experience with these strains from Nirvana Seed Bank?

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  1. Hey, so there's a site that sells seeds from Nirvana in my country. I just bought my first seeds, a 5-pack of Blue Dream feminized and got a Jock Horror auto seed for free.

    Does anyone have experience with Nirvanas' strains? Are they consistent, etc... If anyone's grown those specific strains, that would be awesome, please could you share your experiences.

    Thanks! [​IMG]

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  2. I’ve never grown either but I’ve smoked em both. Good for pain and day use
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  3. Cool, thanks.. I was looking for some nice day time strains. blue dream seems to be pretty popular.

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  4. Yea blue dream is great for daytime. Slightly sativa dominant.
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  5. I've grown many strains from Nirvana over the years with never a problem. Ice, AK-48, Master Kush, OG Kush, Pure Power Plant, Blue Dream, and Jock Horror Auto, to name a few.

    Last summer I grew 2 Jock Horror Autos (freebies as well) in my closet with a T5 fixture. Here they are at 7 weeks old. I can't give you a smoke report because I don't smoke it anymore, I convert to canna caps.

    7 weeks.JPG

    I finished a few Blue Dream last March. Easy to grow and pretty good yielder.
    9 weeks since sprout and 10 days of flower.JPG Blue Dream at 8 weeks.JPG

    I hope you find this helpful and good luck. :)
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  6. Awesome stuff!.. Thanks bro, it's what I wanted to hear. Lol... I might just press some dabs from the jock horror once I find a space to grow it... Wanted to grow the blue dream in the grow box next

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