Any experience with Hipargero?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheUltimateNoob, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Does any have experience with the Hipargero HG800? If so, please tell me more...[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Hey,

    First post here. Ya know, the usual, long time reader...

    Got a Hipargero 450w which pulls 210w from the wall. Different, I know, but aren't they pushing yours as a better light now?

    I paid £99 for it on Amazon, whilst I want to upgrade in time to a 250w Quantum Board, it's done me okay for 3 grows now.

    I jar about 6.5o from a single auto under it, Sensi Seeds Skunk Auto, nice nugs, with a couple of oonces I end up turning into infused coconut oil. Got number 4 on the go now, Original Sensible's White Crystal Meth Auto for a change, a free seed from a mate: she's 3 weeks old now and looking lovely, nice spacing on the nodes and I just started leaf tucking yesterday.

    My space is only 55cm by 85cm so pretty limited, but I'm happy with what I'm getting from mine. I'm using a single 57l fabric pot, but once I've redesigned / built my flood table I'll have 2 57l pots under it so I can harvest more often.

    I want to change my dirt cheap black / white plastic to ORCA Grow Film before I upgrade it. I want to see just what I can pull from under one of these things before I retire it for a QB.

    Pros: price, plug and play, no replacement bulbs, great lifespan. Mine works for me. Hipargero support is friendly enough.

    Cons: the fans inside it are extra noise, it gets a bit warm, so I removed the cover from underneath it to get better airflow around the COBs and LEDs, Hipargero advised me this was okay and wouldn't alter the warranty, they also told me what key to get to use to get it off; I've had mine burn my babies by being too close but now keep it at one set height for the entire grow; and finally..... it ain't as cool, or sexy, or as efficient as a Quantum Board!

    Had I the budget for 2.5 times that amount I'd have got a QB, but for what I paid, and what it does, I can't moan and would never buy another ballast and bulb setup! Now I'm using the savings from buying bud, to take my op to the next level.

    I notice your post is getting on a month old, how you finding yours?
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  3. Welcome to Grasscity... I also lurked here for a long ass time before finally creating my own profile, haha.

    Damn, thanks for that reply bro. Found it really informative and it gave me a lot more confidence in my light, lol.

    Do you have pictures of your setup? Would love to see it.

    The hg800 has been working well for me.. Its stated 240w wall draw but I haven't tested it... I considered getting the hg450 but I wanted the 3000k cobs and uv.

    My limiting factors in my grow were nutrients and pot size so I don't have an accurate yeild for this light, but it did produce some fat buds.

    I have a 20L pot to fit in my 60 x 60 x 120cm box for my next grow for which I'll follow a strict nutrient and watering schedule, along with lst and topping to see what this light is truly capable of.

    I recently harvested my first grow, I haven't weighed it yet but it looks around 50gs and the plant did take up about a 3rd of the available canopy space.

    I haven't found the perfect distance for the light yet though.

    Here's my afghan tree (in a 10L pot) that I'm waiting to finish up before starting the next grow.

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  4. Thanks for the welcome!

    This is the last one, she turned into a bit of a monster.

    She was tucked and bent over a few times, didn't tie her down though I could have staked her up.

    I decided on big pots, 57l, filled on the first 3 runs with Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme and perlite, fed them BioBizz Fishmix and Bloom, didn't PH, should have. Always had some issues when they'd gone into full on flower.

    4th run is in organic coconut coir, nothing else, and that's being fed BioBizz Grow and Fishmix with some CalMag, will bring in the BioBizz Bloom in a few more weeks, each feed is getting balanced to 5.7-5.8, I give it 10ls every few days, she normally runs off after about 5l, and the run off PH is 6.3-6.4.

    The pot is on a plastic draining tray, that's on a table, made with the worst carpentry skills ever, with a hole for the run off tube which goes into a 10l collection tub below.

    Crappy cheapo internal fan for about £12, crappy cheapo 4" carbon filter from eBay for about £40. The black / white material was about £5, the ORCA Grow Film will be closer to £130 including a roll of tape. Still, if it helps me get better light distribution in the cupboard, and gets me a bigger yield then I'm down for it.

    I reckon if I did a photo on a scrog with ORCA I could be jarring up 10o with it. Got Original Sensible Girl Scout Cookies and Purple Haze Autos to do next. Been out of the growing game for a few years, the current setup is pulling more GPW than I've ever done before.

    Dabbling now to find a strain that works well as a smoke for me, and in edibles for the bird.

    I'm getting yields I'm happy with but have started smoking grower's joints again so can demolish a jar in no time. I'm dreading having to pay for bud again once they've all gone.

    Hope your harvest ticks all the boxes!
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  5. That tree looks sexy af... Damn...

    Sounds impressive honestly... Why didn't you join this forum earlier and share these grows with us... Lol, would've loved to see them.

    What made you choose coco?

    I just had a small ass joint of some crumbs that fell while I was checking the buds for any signs of mould... Got a pretty decent buzz, pleasently surprised...

    The amount of weed was barely enough for a full bong so I added a bit of cherry tobacco and rolled this joint about 3 inches long and less than half a pencil width.

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  6. Thanks!

    Didn't join sooner as I need to be in the mood for forums.

    I like coir, there's something about the smell and feel of the stuff, have used it before with just BioBizz Fishmix and got some nice results; plus it's better value than bags of branded mix - same pot size, half the price.

    Why bother with a "small ass joint", roll a fatty that's rammed with so much the bits that fall out would fill a joint for some poor sucker paying a tenner a gram on the streets!

    No point in being a grower if you can't smoke grower's joints!

    Grower's joints: how much weed can I put in this?
    Dealer's joints: how much weed can I put in this and not smoke beyond my margins?
    Consumer's joints: how many joints can I get from this bag?

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  7. Maybe ill give coco a try after my next grow.. Just to note the differences.

    Lol, that sounds really tempting, but I didn't want to crush for a fatty because she isn't cured yet... I just finished up drying on the 7th of July and she's been in the jar with a humidity pack since... Burping daily.

    Rather just stick it out and wait for the buds to be properly cured before I roll a proper joint out of it.

    On the plus side, the Ash from the weed is white... Which I believe is a good thing?...
    I flushed for about 2 weeks so it looked like it did its job.

    Lmao, I love the different joint scenarios, epic

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