Any experience ordering Grunge Off from online?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by dope_roor, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Just wondering what everyone else's experiences were from ordering Grunge Off online? I'm probably just being impatient but I ordered last week and it's being shipped from Gardena which is like 2 hours away from here and it still hasn't arrived.

    I tried call the toll free # and it's disconnected, the local # gets me a voicemail and no one has responded yet

    How long has it taken for others?
  2. That shit makes your glass slippery as fuck when your cleaning so be careful
  3. thanks for the tip! i think i've heard of this before. i just want the damn bottles to arrive
  4. i might buy some...

    although i bought a litre of ISO for like $4 and im still reusing it

  5. reusing ISO? i feel like it really loses cleaning power after one use...
  6. nope works fine for me... run it through a coffee filter to get dirt out

  7. haha for some reason thats the best idea I have EVER heard.

    my grunge off took about 9 days to get from wherever to CT.... hope that helps.

  8. thanks! i just got another email confirming my order today :rolleyes: bought this on the 28th

    the waiting begins :smoke:

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