Any ex (or current) band geeks out there?

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  1. Growing up in high school, ive always been that stoner band geek. My band director knew i was a stoner ever since i was a sophmore, and basically everyone in the band knew that i knew the guys to get weed from. Anywho, i was wondering growing up in school did you ever play any instruments for school? I played french horn ever since 5th grade, and fucking love marching band. later on i picked up bass guitar for a jazz improv class sophmore year, not knowing bass at all. Turned out better then expected, now am a pretty kickass bass player. Learning piano now as well. So anywho, what do you (or did you) play?
  2. Right here. Started playing french horn in 3rd grade, played bari sax and soprano sax in jazz band, and mellophone in marching band. Played from 3rd grade all the way until I graduated from my undergrad schooling.

    Can also play trumpet and clarinet well, although I'm most proficient on the instruments above
  3. I was a band geek in middle school.
  4. i started playing drums/percussion in the elementary school concert band. started marching band in 6th grade, then in 7th grade i started playing drum set with the jazz band. quit jazz band after freshman year cause the band director is a tool and had a horrible taste in music (plus he didn't know jack shit about drums, yet told me to play "ba doom ba doom ba doom pish bada boooooowanga," for every fill). But I also played drum set for the school plays all four years. I really like doing drums for plays, I think I'm gonna look into trying to do some for maybe colleges or something. I just gotta look into it though cause I don't know how to get into them or who to contact or anything.

    Still play drums. My last band (deathcore) just split. I also play didgeridoo. :p
  5. yea back in school i was ina band, i was the bassist, man we sucked but we played all the good music, Jimi hendrix, abit of beatles.
    Now that i think about it, we never did 1 drug i mean wtf..:smoke:

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