Any ever flavor there weed???Propel?Vitiman Water?

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  1. Hey,
    I dont grow but i got high today and was drinking a strawberry propel. Then i was thinking what if you watered your plant with only flavor water during flowering? Any one have any thoughts? Good or Bad?
  2. hey madism i too have thought about it and looked at other boards to see but chances are propel and vitamin water all that stuff wont work... theyre too watered down... if one was to try this the best way would be to water it with regular water and nutes on whatever schedule is working for you and then wait an extra day before giving it the last watering before harvest... feed it water with some flavor concentrate mixed in with it... lemon and vanilla are available at any grocery store... and itll suck the extract up in a few hours and then start harvesting...
  3. that monkey is stoned
  4. What about Red Bull? Or Flintstone's vitamins?
  5. You're going to put red bull on your PLANTS?!?!

    I hope your kidding...

    That shit isn't good for our body.. never mind our plants
  6. OK OK. A few years ago a farmer down the road let his lambs wander into the wifes garlic patch (a marital dispute issue) the farmer could n't sell the lambs (divorce issue). I was about to hold a party and wanted 1 for the BBQ.
    Did the deed, and it was on the BBQ that this 'STENCH of garlic could be smelt for miles, bottom line it was FANTASTIC, in fact the same farmer is trying the same idea but feeding them MINT! (different wife).

    In answer to your question the Flavour I feel must grow with the plant,
    to be absorbed as per the garlic and to be 'held' in the plant
    as per the garlic and lamb meat.

    but but!!!!! I have known of people drying their tops with bannana skins,
    lemon peel and my favourite orange peel wrapped in paper
    good luck
  7. I prefer the taste of weed over propel or gatorade or anything other than weed.
  8. this is a very odd question, one that demands an odd answer...

    non alchoholic beer.

    ferget molasis, ferget redbull or propel... feed it beer...

    beer has carbs, carbs good for soils, good soil is good for plants, good plants good for you.

    or try feeding it a garlic flavored lamb.... w/ mint jelly
  9. if you need additives to make your WEED taste good, your doing a crappy job growing....

    bottom line......
  10. ughh why so harsh man? and no all it means is they want flavor in addition to the weed. never had any grape ape or lemon kush?? strawberry cough? arjans strawberry haze? all fucking great weed and flavored deliciously. whats so wrong about wanting some flavored dank.

    "bottom line" haha way to make ur self feel like some sort of authority on what otheres peoples opinoins and tastes should be.

  11. The same thing that's wrong with apple, spice or fruity flavored beer. It masks, hides or otherwise alters the taste of the weed, suggesting that the weed doesn't taste good enough on it's own. If you want to taste strawberries when smoking your herb, just get a bowl of strawberries and eat one before taking a toke. Lemons, chocolate, whatever you want.

    Yes, there are a number of strains with complex flavors including some flavors already familiar to the palate (ie. lemon kush, strawberry cough etc.), however i don't think they flavored it with fruit juice.

    I don't think he was trying to be authoritarian, maybe a bit coarse and sarcastic, but not very harsh considering. ;)

    I think the flavor of good weed is better than alot of what i eat (and i eat good) and couldn't see wanting to intentionally crossbreed the taste of anything foreign to the taste of my herb. Just my $.02. :wave:
  12. i dont think drinking or smoking anything flavored suggests it doesnt taste good enough on its own. i love the taste of weed but doesnt mean i dont want some variety, a change of pace.

    if ur problem is thats it not natural or somthing, how can u be sure those existing varieties werent bred to be that way? breeding surely isnt natural. Nor are any of the 100s of new strains that exist today. anytime someone breeds somthing new its not natural. i could understand if you have a problem with the flavoring itself to be. But there must have been someway, some maybe even chance, chain of events that led to the existence of some of these flavors. Have you ever had arjan's strawberry haze? that shit is so strawberry theres no way thats natural. (and no, mine wasnt tampered with after the grow)

    some ppl lean towards traditionalism in their tastes and endeavors, others like variety and to try new things. thats all im saying.
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    There's plenty in the way of variety to be had in the flavor of herb without the addition of flavor "enhancers" (MSG<---lol).

    I have no problem. Not in this thread anyway. You asked the question. I answered. Quite politely i may add.

    IMO, that's not a fair statement. Tradition has little to do with taste. I'll agree that there may exist many "weed traditionalists" willing to condemn you for blasphemy akin to "herb flavoring" practices, but i don't believe that precludes them from enjoying a variety of flavors where their herb is concerned. Not to mention that "variety" and "trying new things" implies the inclusion of something not previously familiar to the consumer. I already know what vitamin water tastes like.

    There are some very complex mechanisms involved in realization of a flavor in cannabis. If you want the 411 on all of that, i'd suggest tracking down Amoril, Proteus or Zonyc. They'll be able to lay it out for ya. Or you could grab yourself a stack of MJ literature to learn more.

    I don't have any problem here, as i've stated, but my position on whether or not to flavor your plants by watering them with the products listed in the thread title remains unchanged. It's a horrible idea imHo. :wave: As for me, i'll stick to spicing up my famous chili or some good ribs and let the herb speak for itself. That's all i'm sayin'. ;)
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    i've heard of all of those names, and yes those weed DO taste good, but it don't mean that these seed companies are tossing in a bunch of strawberries and shit to make it taste like that.

    it's the genetics. NOT all the flavored water and strawberries and bananas etc aren't gonna make it taste like those high quality seeds......BOTTOMLINE tool shed.

    So keep on growing your C grade weed with your strawberries and flavored water....
  15. Bahahha...this guy is classic. And in my mom's room with a lead pipe to boot! Jesus! :)

    Just love the assignment of a grade to your bud - as if I took some RezDawg seeds and flushed them with propel that it would suddenly become C Grade weed. ahhaha....Love ignorance.

    Flavoring weed is an excellent concept - one that will SURELY be explored by Pepsi and McDonalds once it becomes legalized in the US. Fuck a blueberry flavored blunt - it'll be the bud you'll be buying.

    Till some, dare I say SCIENTIST, comes up with a genetic solution to the flavored pheno's - we're stuck, apparently with our C Grade bud, twisting lemon peels on it to zest it up a bit....

    However - there is a REALLY funny/cool video on youtube where some guy supposedly grafted bud onto a strawberry plant (or visa versa)/giving him THC loaded strawberries... fun for the novelty
  16. All i am trying to say is, that there are many good genetic seeds that ACTUALLY taste like particular flavors, so instead of risking you plants with adding flavored water or letting it dry in a bag with moldy strawberries or a banana, just spend the money on the genetics......

    this is a stupid the genetics...

  17. IFFFFFF you wanted to flavor your weed this is how you would do it... if you choose do it then of course you dont mind the fact that some people have critical views on this subject...

    make sure the flavor youre using is of a concentrated nature...

    Lets remember that there is a difference between someone asking how to do something than asking if they should do something
  18. I'm debating spraying some of my plants with molasses when they're about 7-10 days away from harvest. Last crop I sprayed a few with a product called Brixx and it gave them a sweetish flavour. I'm also thinking that the molasses will add significant weight....anyone try that?

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