Any engineers out there?

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  1. Hey,

    Just want to say hey and wondering if anyone else here is an engineering student or engineer toker like me :D . I know a lot of the engineering students here at CU smoke weed all the time, just wondering if its like that everywhere.

    Im an electrical and computer engineering student at CU Boulder, so what up to all my engineer friends out there!

    Lets here what you study and get some engineering happenin in here! :hello:
  2. optical engineer, that sounds tight. what exactly are you planning on going into?

    Edit: and yes, gotta smoke daily its the only way to stay sane :D
  3. Studying electrical engineering in high school currently. Going to study it in college too and maybe make it my profession

  4. sweet man, keep it up. engineering is a good place to be
  5. I want to do environmental engineering but not many schools offer that major so I'll probably end up doing environmental science instead.
  6. Chemical. :bongin:

    Higher Education.

  7. hey man CU does environmental engineering, just in case you didnt know. If thats an option for you then its chill as fuck here for smoking weed :smoking:
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    In a few days I start my classes.

    I'm going to study System Engineering.


    EDIT: What about doing Math while high guys? Does it work for you?
  9. mechanical engineering, Liverpool Uni.
  10. Haha no kidding. Smoking is such a cooldown at the end of the day when all the homework/studying is done.

    But yea, I really want to go into something along the lines of data transfer. So possibly looking into technology that replaces electrical components with optical components. What are you going into?

    I just got done taking my second circuits class. Went over a bunch of filters (passive/active), and Laplace transforms, bode plots, etc... Pretty neat stuff. What classes have you taken?
  11. In response to Twisted.

    Personally, it can go either way. I'd highly advise against doing heavy algebra based work. This typically leads me to make one big mistake somewhere, which in turn, forces me to redo the problem.

    On a second note, when doing creative math, it's very effective. Creative math in my terms is trig manipulations and math tools that typically have to be looked up online for the user to solve the problem. This makes solving Fourier Transforms, Fourier Series, Trig integrals, Trig simplifications much much simpler.

    And lastly, concepts! Concepts are SO much easier to understand when on Cloud 9. This will be incredibly useful in physics based classes. For example, when trying to understand abstract concepts like Light interference patterns. When you go home and look at an Interference applet online, it makes understanding the patter much easier.

    So I hope this helps. And by all means, experiment with it and tell us your results on what is easier!! If you really think about the experiences we share, it's one of a kind, and can help us all make our studying more efficient!

  12. I am hoping to go into robotics or something like that, i really like the idea of micro bots working together as a team to accomplish tasks.

    as for classes. i just started into ECE this semester, i used to be architectural engineering for the first year and a semester. But for ECE i like my Circuits and Electronics class, but i have all kinds of other bullshit like discrete math and digital logic. Plus some other random classes haha

    Does not really work for me unless its easy math like for my circuits class. Actual hard math like calc 1-3 and then differential equations like im in now dont work so good while high. But that is my personal opinion because im not much of a calculus person myself :D i know quite a few people who smoke before the tests and everything so i guess you will have to try it on some homework
  13. I was going into chemical engineering

    i just decided on general chem right now. i might go back and get a degree in it

    everyone asks me what I'm going to do job wise with my degree.. im like idk
  14. I'm an computer engineering technology student and the University right now. Thinking about switching to physics though.
  15. Computer Engineering @ University of South Florida:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  16. I love breaking the stereotype :smoke:

    there is a generous amount of smart people on GC :love:
  17. Yeah I hated Digital Logic. At the time I was horrid at programming, and hated everything about it haha. But now that I've had some free time with programming, I'm really enjoying it (in part because I know what I'm doing ^.^). But I really wish I could've taken Digital Logic when I was decent at programming, because FSM's and HLSM's are very rewarding to those good at thinking like a programmer. What are you guys covering now?

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