Any else have difficulty sleeping if you havn't smoked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marijuana Time, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Well yesterday was the first day I hadn't been high in about 3-4 months and I slept horrible. When I don't smoke during a day I'll have the wildest dreams at night. Last night I had been writing some rap verses to pass time and I woke up about three times rhyming in my head continuously. Then when I woke up finally after ten hours and I felt so delirious getting out of my bed. Anyone else sleep like shit without smoking?
  2. ya but then again ive been an insomniac for a decade now
  3. I fall asleep better when I don't smoke, but I wake up during the night more often. I personally enjoy my sleep more when I don't smoke. I feel better in the morning and everything.
  4. yes! i use marijuana to sleep mostly. i woke up yesterday without smoking (have to pass a physcial) and i fukin fainted yesterday and felt like shit. ive never fainted before and it was fuked up. i sleep amazing when lit and i couldnt fall asleep yesterday i need this fukin break to be over!!!!
  5. Yes just like right fucking now I can't fall asleep.
  6. Same shit. Just got home from work (1:30 am mind you) and I'm so tired with a killer headache but there's no way I could sleep. Should have gotten some bud today :(
  7. yeh me too. if i go a day or two without hit the ganj i have weird and wacky dreams so sometimes theyre depressing and subconsciously im depressed the next day. only real negative.:(:bongin::)

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