Any electricians in here?

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  1. Ok so I have a lighting system, and I have a button switch to turn it on or off.
    It has 3 wires on the back on the back of the switch.
    Red- power
    Black- ground
    Blue- relay

    My new switch only has spot for power and ground.
    Where would I attach the relay? Is it needed?

    Help me blades, I'm confused.

    Old switch

    Diagram I found of my lighting system.

    New switch
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  2. I would assume, from my limited electrical experience...Which is entirely me simply not electrocutin' myself...It is unnecessary for the switch.

    But don't go bringin' down the neighborhood by becomin' an electrical torch on my word.:coolalt:
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  3. So I just leave the relay wire hanging?
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  4. Great question.:coolalt:
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  5. well it looks like from the diagram that the relay is mostly for the fuse, it should function with out it.

    if you have multiple lights then you need a switch with the 3 wires. the blue line appears to be controlling the logic behind them all coming on and off. the fuses are probably there to protect against any extra current being sent through the line.
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  6. Another question. On the switch, there are blue led light, I see black and red wires coming out. Can this be attached to the posts to get power?

    Or separate black and red to 12v battery?

  7. uh typically everything needs to share a common ground, it helps to think of a circuit like a big circle. but those wires coming off are might not be attached to anything else. you would need to consult the documentation for the product.
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  8. They're (red and black) attached to a blue LED bulb. Unfortunately I got this from ebay and nothing was sent other than the switch
  9. idk you could pop off that cover and see if it's wired to anything beyond the lights on the inside, and just try it out. if you know the name of the product you can typically find the documentation on google.
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  10. It's a cheap switch online, probably China, there's no diagram or anything.
  11. The black wire on the new Switch should connect to where the blue wire on the old switch connected to the relay. You should not bypass the relay or you will most likely keep on burning up switches. The relay allows for two circuits. The circuit with the switch on it passes through the relay and opens up a switch for the lights. The difference between your new Switch and old switch I believe is the old switch was constantly grounded whether on or off. When on the blue wire acted essentially like the ground wire.
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