Any East Tennessee Tokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by ManU10, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. What's up GC? Any of you blades in the Tri-Cities area? Knoxville?
  2. Dont blaze in East TN but, I blaze in West NC.

    Close enough?
  3. Haha I guess so. Apparently there aren't too many of my kind here.
  4. Jefferson City right here. 20 minutes away from Knoxville.
  5. I'm in the Tri-Cities area but have many friends who attend UTK.
  6. As I have many friends who attend ETSU. haha.
  7. Hell yeah bro. I'm up at ETSU right now.
  8. Nice, I'll have to tell you the next time I'm going down there then.
  9. Hah, yeah. I'm in Chattanooga.
  10. Son, I am going to ETSU right now too. Names Brad. You live near campus? New here?
  11. Nice, Welcome to GC.
  12. Yeah man I live right off campus.
  13. I live in Jefferson City/Knoxville as well. The drought in the area right now fucking sucks.
  14. chatty/hixson here...well...for 12 more days ne ways:rolleyes:
  15. Yeah, It's starting to pick up though.
  16. This is for sure. But as long as JCPD and MPD keep pickin folk off, the drought will continue the same. They have gotten over 600 pounds from the area in the past nine months. Of course there is a drought.

    Traveling 50 or plus miles is the only to guarantee a sack as of late. But hell, it works.
  17. I'm right by ETSU my connect got busted over the summer any suggestions on where to start looking
  18. im not from Tennessee but im about to watch Vanderbilt get there ass kicked in a couple hours.GAMECOCKS!!!!!!

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