Any dylan lovers out there?

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  1. Any of my fellow blades love the magical quality of Bob Dylan? He's one of my favorite musicians of all time and Fun fact- Dylan turned the beatles on to pot. Before finding out that dylan smoked The Beatles regarded Pot Smokers as hopeless junkies:eek:. But because of Dylan and his habits the beatles started and it inspired some of their best music. You've got to hide your love away is directly influence by dylan and pot.
  2. Yeah, I'm a big Dylan fan

    I've seen him in concert three times...I love the Scorscese documentary, too

    "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" is the funniest song to listen to while getting stoned
  3. I've got this dvd that has dylan at the newport folk festival 1963-65 that has dylan at his folkiest which not all like but I love.
  4. While I am much too young to ever have seen Bob Dylan in concert, he is the best thing

    for me to listen to on long drives by myself. I just crank some Dylan and enjoy my ride.
  5. He still tours constantly

    I saw my first Dylan concert in like 2003.
  6. Yeah he still records good music too. He is still quite a prolific artist
  7. his new stuff is great. there's some groovin blues on modern times. i saw him a few years back at the reading phillies stadium lol. his opening acts weren't bad either.
  8. Modern times is IMO one of his better albums.His voice sounds so much better as an older man
  9. I like Modern Times but gimme The Freewheelin or Blood on The Tracks. Those two are my favorites.
  10. I dunno their aren't many that I'd say i dont like
  11. Wow. I had no idea he was still making music. Now that I do I will have to check it out and

    hopefully catch a concert.
  12. yeah man i hope to see him in concert soon
  13. Fuck ya one of my favorites.

    saw him once at UCF in rhode island

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