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any dudes going bald?

Discussion in 'General' started by potblower, May 13, 2010.

  1. Im not. I was always told baldness skipped a generation, but im assuming this is an old wives tale.

    My dad and gpa had their hair, my gmas always been bald though lol (WIGS)
  2. Thank goodness I'm not, but I am getting a lot of white hairs around my ears. I'm pretty concerned.

    ^If I'm not mistaken male pattern baldness is hereditary on your maternal side.
  3. I thought I was thinning in front but I got a haircut and it looks fine.
  4. I have a helipad coming in.

    Fuck - I've always had thick hair. And I'm 30 now - this shit JUST started last year. Fuckin Cobblers.
  5. i'm not going bald but i'm going grey at 19...
  6. Me too dude!

    I do have a thing spot though. :/
  7. in not, but one of my buddies has been going bald since he was 18, and he just turned 24 last week. So for his bday, i shaved the top of my head with clippers in honor of him. i looked like HST:cool:....But the next day i shaved the rest off, and i looked like a complete skinhead, which sucks, because there are far too many of them in my area.
  8. yea i have a bad case of the receding hairline. its a great thing that just boosts my self esteem...
  9. same, in my genetics. I stopped caring a long time ago and I just keep my hair cut short.
  10. I hear it's more likely that males will pick up the scalp patterns of their mothers.

    Blame your mom!!
  11. ^ i heard its your mom's dad, either way it blows hard
  12. no my hair is pretty fuckin thick still
  13. ^ fuck yoy man

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    They have actually identified other baldness genes aside from the ones found on the X chromosome, I believe. Chromosome 18. Chromosome 3? Funny how people automatically assume its their bald dad's fault though.

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