Any dubs out there??

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  1. any one on this from dublin?? I havent noticed any slang so thought id ask
  2. I'm brand new and from the 209 and I always hella notice how I talk different than everyone else
  3. mee too i try not to use slang on this cos anyone not from dublin just wont understand me!
  4. Yo bud. Im not from dublin but up north, in Belfast :D
    kool to know there's other irish folk ;P
  5. Teach me some Dublin slang! I'll be there in 5 days to study for a semester :)

    Any good spots where I can find bud? I'll be going to University so how friendly are people to weed? :smoke:
  6. theres a lot, what do you yant to know??
    depends what uni ar you going to?

  7. I'm going to UCD but I'll have an apartment with a friend of mine. I was just kidding about the slag, but do you have any tips on finding bud?
  8. youll easily find some aroung the campus on ucd, it wont be a problem to get it, just make sure you dont get ripped off!!
    most dealers only do 50 bags thats 2grams, some will do 25 bags but its rare.

  9. What?! 50 euros for two grams?? That's insane! dayum, and I though NYC prices were high :(
  10. yeah we get ripped off big time!!
    wont be as nice as the weed youre used too either, infact if im honest youll probably end up gettin a bag of sprayed shit, it takes a long time to find really good weed over here, a very long time! im smoking ten years only have a really good dealer the last 3 years it took me that long to find someone that always has quality weed

  11. damn! me and my friend are huge pot heads so we're gonna have to find a way around this lol
  12. say you dont want sprayed weed, if you can get someting thats not sprayed thats half the battle. also if your offered hash dont take it its not real hash its soapbar shite
  13. Here's your complimentary hug, you only get one. :laughing:

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    only me, you and Twee are from Dublin I think :)
    Well I'm technically not from Dublin, but living in Dublin for like 6 years ;)

    So how's things? :smoke:
  15. Any good headshops in Dublin? Addresses would be greatly appreciated! :D
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    St Green Shopping centre at the end of Grafton st, has a shop called Asahi or Ashanti something like that anyways, it's on the top floor, they have a good selection of papers, few bongs, scales, baggies and so on ;)

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